Less Flips More Wow

Day 8 Tineo – Samblisimo

Yesterday a Pilgrim friend mentioned my blog contained rather more flippins than usual.  So I’ll just state from the outset that today was very different.

We had our own little room last night but shared breakfast with the four Spanish guys and the young German couple.  We forgot to get cash as we walked out of town, which was rather stupid of us but at this point in the morning we were oblivious. 

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Emergency Apple

Day 7 Salas – Tineo

Last night we never wandered far from our albergue.  We went from the albergue to the hotel and back again but that was only 100m so I guess it doesn’t count.

I slept well but Gerry says it was just OK?  But hey… I’m feeling good.  We had breakfast with our fellow pilgrims… As with last night’s dinner we are Swedish, Brazilian, Italian, Spanish and us.  We ate and sorted our bags and hit the road.  It had rained overnight but had stopped by the time we left.

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The Apprenticeship

Day 6 Grado – Salas

Last night we wandered back into the town centre for dinner in the main plaza.  We were joined by a fellow Pilgrim from Germany and we talked about life and family and politics and Brexit.  It was a lovely evening and once we’d finished we said our goodbyes and went off to our albergues.  Back in our room we met our new room mates, charming ladies from Germany and Hong Kong. After chatting and exchanging tips on where to stay and eat and visit we settled down to sleep… And sleep I did!

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Day 5 Oviedo – Grado

The Camino Primitivo starts from the Cathedral.  A plaque indicates the direction for the Primitivo and the Norte routes. It roughly translates as

In the beginning of the 9th Century, from this basilica of Saint Salvador, The Asturian monarch Alfonso II The Chaste, began the first pilgrimage to Compostela to view the tomb of James, and there, he founded in his honor the first basilica.

The Primitivo is considered the first or original pilgrim route to the tomb of the Apostle. The Cathedral in Santiago was founded by King Alfonso following his first pilgrimage.

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The Suburbs

Day 4 Norena – Oviedo

Last night’s hotel was fabulous, really if you are ever in the area go and stay.  It is off the camino but there was a regular bus and the walk back this morning was so easy.  The beds were so comfy, and bath towels you could wrap around you like a huge fluffy sarong, sheets of crisp cotton and even bathrobes and slippers.  And the breakfast that would rival a parador.  And he packed us a little picnic as a bonus. And they gave us a bottle of juice and water and tiny jars of local honey.  And all for just  the 45 euros inclusive of all.  It was a little gem of a hotel!  Its called Casona del Conde and its in Norena… Fabulous!

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Pipes and Drums

Day 3 Villaviciosa – Norena

We had already decided last night that we would skip the hotel breakfast and instead get on the road early.  We were the first hotel as you walked into town but more than a kilometre from the centre and the church.  Instead we set our alarm for 6.30am and returned to a little bar that we new would be open.  Happy with our coffee and breakfast we were walking by 7:50, just as the sky was getting light.

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Camino 2019

December’s weather creeps into the Dordogne and we see less and less of our beautiful French blue skies and sun.  Once I’ve sorted our Christmas plans my idle hands waver over the keyboard… itching to plan… where to next and when? It’s December and already I know I need to walk again next year. I’d had an idea but it wasn’t fixed… it is now 😀

We’re going to walk from Madrid on the Camino Madrid, cross over at Leon to walk the Camino San Salvador which ends in Oviedo.  Gerry will leave me here and return home but I will continue alone, along the Camino Primitivo to Santiago. Continue reading