There and Back Again

I’m going home. We’re safe and sound and without any incidents. (Well one or two but more on that later). We walked 500km (ish) from Burgos to Santiago and whilst I had a great time I suspect it will be a while before I walk the Frances again.

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You know I said…

The communal meal last night was a bit of a damp squib. Not because the food was bad… But sadly no-one wanted to be very sociable.

There were a dozen pilgrims around the table but only three would chat. The French at either end just wouldn’t engage… So it was a muted affair. The German lady beside me was very nice… She is retired and has walked all over Europe. Opposite was a very smiley Croatian chap and a nice but shy German girl. So it was a pleasant meal but nothing exciting. Continue reading

If You Insist

I love planning my next walk!  There is such joy in poring over maps and other planning websites (I regularly use and and and I love reading other camino blogs and finding slideshows on youtube; it’s a wonderful part of the process.  It can though also be a little stressful as I get so tied up trying to decide which route.  Will I have time?  Can I get there and back?  What will the weather be like?  Will there be open albergues?  Questions, Questions, Questions!


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