Loose Ends

9. Zamujeria do Mar – Odeciexe

Last night we had a message from our American friends… they loved walking with brollies. They had dinner reservations in town but Gerry had his eye on another place so we told them to hang on to the brollies for tomorrow and we’d catch up with them later. I’m really pleased they’ve found them useful.

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No News…

7. Vila Nova de Milfontes

We didn’t do a great deal yesterday. We mooched around the old town and the beach area before being able to check into our hotel… which is a lovely little place with very very comfortable beds! It’s called the Mil Reis and in a great location in the old town. We asked if we could stay an extra night because we know we have to revisit the doctor tomorrow.

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Summer Breeze

5. Cercal do Alenjento – Porto Covo

Last night we stayed at Turismo de Casa do Campo.  It was the first house almost as you entered the village.  We booked this online in advance and whilst the lady of the house was very nice, we’d probably not recommend this stop.  It was close to a 1 kilometre walk into town and we went in and back twice… not including the third time in the morning of course.  Also the room was a OK but we stayed it what seemed like a spare room of someone’s house… and we could hear everything from the house on the other side of the bedroom  door.  It was 55€ for a double room.  The website said is was semi-self catering but this meant we had a microwave?  I don’t want to say it was bad… because the owners were very kind but it’s maybe not an ideal stop… however I don’t know if there is any other accommodation in town?

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4. Vale Seco – Cercal do Alentejo

After the long hot walk to our hotel yesterday we felt a little jaded. But after a nice long shower and dressing my knee and a quick afternoon snooze for Mr S we felt a lot better.

Dinner was at 7.30 and it was a taster menu… hence followed course after course of tasty morsels. Local produce turned into fabulous dishes, all different and all very yummy! The chef/owner was once a banker but he quit to follow his passion… cooking and food! Our waitress told about each dish and about this part of Portugal… she spoke excellent English and could not have been more helpful.

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Happy Birthday

3. Santiago de Cacem – Vale Seco

Last nights B&B was excellent. Sandra and Richard recommended restaurant O Arco; a 10 minute walk from them. It was easy to find and opened just after 7.00pm. We had bread and olives and loin of pork with rice and home made chips… washed down with a very cheeky little house red. It was a great dinner and cost less than 10€ each. There was also a big supermarket opposite that was open at 7.00pm even on a Sunday.

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Little Tremors

2. Lisbon – Setubal – Santiago de Cacem.

Gerry was asleep by 9:30 pm last night and he was awake again at 6:30. He coughed and snored all night and whilst I was very tempted to give him a shove I let him sleep… its miserable having a cold. His coughing woke me before 7.00 but he also brought me a cup of tea so he was quickly forgiven. “I dont know what flavour” he chirped. “I don’t mind” I said “As long as it’s not camomile.” There was silence and a small smile…nuff said.

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