A day of lasts

Before I start I have a confession to make. When I write my blog,  the lovely Gerry comes along after and edits it for me.   He corrects my typos and the stupid phone auto corrects because it’s really difficult for me to do on my phone; basically he generally tidies things for me.   But he’s away. He’s actually in Leon.   So tonight you may need to overlook an untidy blog. Gerry calls it gibberish which I felt a little harsh. Continue reading

It was the Guns that distracted us!

There were a few great things we were happy about this morning.   A good night’s sleep,  our clothes had dried on the radiator,  our boots had dried in front of the woodburner,  hot coffee and toast were available at 7.30 and there was no rain.  My pantomime poncho and enormous pants have been packed away at the bottom of my rucksack and I am hoping that I won’t be needing them again this trip!

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Last night we were just relieved to get to our albergue.   It wasn’t as nice as we’d hoped though and we even considered walking on,  if the weather hadn’t been so bad I think we would have.

Our room was off of another room and through a cave like corridor with rock and stone instead of walls.   The same stone lined our bedroom walls.   They were cold and wet and the damp was making puddles on the floor. Continue reading

Huge pants

Last night we slept in the attic of a pension in a tiny town called Pintin.   It was converted into a bedroom but only had two beds.  Teresa’s bed was in a sort of in cupboard and the bed was pulled out for her… But her head was still within the cupboard… And her feet hung over the end…  But she seemed happy enough.

There was no heating either so our damp clothes stayed damp and our wet ponchos still had droplets of water on them in the morning.   The owner was lovely but it was a tad cold and a tad over priced.

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Mama said there would be days like this!

I never told you yesterday about Cowgate II… As we were walking down yesterday we came to a field we had to cross.   We normally have tracks beside fields so this was unusual.   Less unusual for this part of Spain… The field was full of cows.   Worst still the cows had horns and worse still they were stood on the path. Continue reading

The little train that couldn’t

o30I couldn’t sleep last night. I didn’t sleep well the night before either. I think I’ve had O Cebreiro on my mind. I have been getting more and more worried about climbing this hill and things came to a head in the early hours of this morning… Hence the lack of sleep.

Who am I kidding… I’m fat and fifty (one) and forgetful and feckless and I feel like a fraud… I should not be doing this. Continue reading