I Thought It Might Help

Day 11 Padron – Santiago

I loved my little bunk in Alburgue Rossel.  Forgetful thing that I am though, I took the locker key with me this morning and I forgot to pay for my laundry so I will post that back before I leave.

My plan today was to have a short day.  I wanted to look around Iria Flavia again, visit the church and get my Padrona certificate.  So I stayed in bed a little later, had coffee and took my time.  I left at just before 9.00 and the first thing I noticed was the cold.  Wow.  The sky was cloudless and the air so cold I could see my breath.  I made a quick stop to add layers and put on my hat and gloves… Brrr it was cold. Continue reading

I Just Felt Like Walking

Day 9 Arcade – Caldas del Reis

I slept well in my little room but I do keep waking up on Portuguese time… Around 6:30.  Anyone that knows me well  knows that usually I struggle to get up before 9.00 so this is a tad unusual and not a habit I want to get used to. So I read the news and tried to doze until 7.30 when I finally felt it was OK to get up. Continue reading

Decisions Decisions…

Day 7 Tui – O Porrino

Matt once told me that we all see life through our own lens and last night’s alburgue was a perfect example of this.  When we first arrived yesterday,  soaked from the rain, the old building was cold and felt quite uninviting and I feared it would be another night shivering under the blankets.  However when we returned from the supermarket the central heating was on, the radiators were hot and I felt all together a much happier Pilgrim.  Continue reading


Day 6 Rubiães – Tui

Last night’s alburgue was another little gem and my room had underfloor heating to ensure my toes stayed toasty.  And because it was ensuite I enjoyed the luxury of a morning shower too.  I slept well enough but woke a few times as the rain was coming down so hard on the roof.  I pulled the covers up and wondered how bad the trail would be in the morning. Continue reading