Then We Walked

In 2013 Gerry and I took a holiday in Northern Spain. We set off in our camper and drove west along the northern coast of Spain from France and then headed further south to Burgos. After a couple of days in Burgos we drove on to Leon, heading to the Atlantic coast at Vigo.

I kept seeing hikers… Gerry called them ‘shellers’ but they were of course pilgrims. I watched through the window as we drove along and by Leon I was very curious. By the time we arrived at the coast I was committed.

I sat on a beach of beautiful soft sand not far from Finisterre, paddling my feet in the clear water. As I put my hand into the sand it rested on a perfect shell… It’s the same shell gerry presented me with when I met him on the steps of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela the following October after my 800km hike across Spain… and I blogged as I walked.

Mr Whale

Walking Buddies & Then We Walked

In 2019 I started a walking group here in SW France, hoping to meet likeminded people who loved to walk. Also (after many request) I took a group of pilgrims for a walk along the Camino Frances; a taster camino if you like.  Both ventures have proved very popular! Which is great news, as I get to walk with more fabulous people on many more fabulous trails!

My hope is that the love I feel for these ancient paths will become accessible to others and that after a short walk with me, folks will feel inspired to continue on with other adventures!

I Still Blog When I Walk

This started life as a blog and it still is. I have a catagory for each of my solo walks on the menu bar above or use the links here to go to the first page of each of my solo adventures :

  • Camino Frances 2014 starts here
  • Camino Frances 2015 starts here
  • Via de la Plata 2016 starts here
  • Camino Frances 2017 starts here
  • Rota Vicentina 2017 starts here
  • Camino Portuguese Coastal 2017 starts here
  • Camino Frances 2018 starts here
  • Camino del Norte 2018 starts here
  • Camino Primitivo 2019 starts here
  • Camino Portuguese Central 2019 starts here
  • Camino Lebaniego (ish) 2020 starts here

Any posts and news are always found on the Latest News menu.

When I’m walking I still love to read your thoughts, comments and feedback… as a result, over the years, I’ve connected with new friends from around the world and I am so grateful for the company when I’m walking!

4 thoughts on “Then We Walked

  1. I plan to take the walk, not sure when or with who. My husband doesn’t like to walk nor do many of my travel buddies. I need a walking group and something like this sounds intriguing. Roberta

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    • Hi Roberta! Once you’ve got it in your head that you want to walk the camino, it kind of never lets go! I now organise group walks but sadly I’ve cancelled them all until June next year… when goodness I do hope that travel will be more easy! I’m planning to walk the Primitivo again in the Autumn 2021. We may, if we’re able, walk the Camino Portuguese in late spring but I feel it’s best to wait before planning. And of course in 2022 lets hope that we’ll have a full year of adventures! I have a website ( and also a Facebook group ( … feel free to follow and you’ll keep up to day with our plans! Equally… stay in touch as I’m always happy to talk about walking the camino! ❤


  2. Hi Colleen, I’ll be thinking about you and following you step by step. Courage pour cette longue marche. I might join you one day, who knows.. I’m thinking about it. With love Christine Bigonneau

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