bi7Last night we stayed in a very nice hostel opposite the templar castle in Ponferrada.   I had my own little room and it was kind of strange to have so much space and quiet… I think I missed everyone!

Earlier we had toured the castle but it made me feel homesick. I was there last year with Gerry so it felt too familiar.  I felt oddly lonely, so I left Teresa and Pam to finish their visit and waited in a nearby cafe.  We ate out in a wonderful pizza restaurant in the old town and went off piste from the  pilgrims menu… Good choice too and we left stuffed and happy. Continue reading


At dinner last night Sherry told us she was going to carry on alone.   Sherry walks quickly and hates the albergue (well the communal bathrooms). And she is really keen to get home.   So we had our last supper as a four. It feels odd now that everyone is starting to talk about the day they are planning on reaching Santiago… And even I am starting to think that maybe,  just maybe I really could get there.

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It’s Getting Busy

So overnight it rained and it rained and this morning I was expecting the worst… But the weather man was wrong and it has been dry all day.

We left Astorga at around 7.45 with a full moon still in the sky. The streets were wet but nothing falling from the sky!   It is however a tad chilly… And I am loving my new long-sleeved t-shirt.  It’s great to be walking again around people and walking through villages every hour or so.

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I want to love my feet but…

We left El Burgo before 7.00 am.   It was still dark of course and decidedly cooler than it has been.   So much so that fleece and buff were needed to keep the chilly wind at bay, it’s been a while since I felt cold.  We’re on our way to Mansilla de las Mulas but the walk was pretty uninspiring, although in the far distance we can see the mountains and hills again… the landscape is changing!

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