Take one for the team!

So our day of being tourists is over and we are back to being pilgrims again.   We left Leon before the crack of dawn and wandered our way out beyond La Virgin del Camino.   Our plan today was to take the scenic route and avoid the slog beside the motorway.

Every day now we have to walk in the dark… The sun isn’t up until after 8.00 so we have no choice.  Most of the time it’s OK but getting out of town and villages can be tricky.

Today we had a different problem… Negotiating our way across roundabouts and busy roads.   Even walking along exits and entrance roads to motorways.   I did not enjoy the experience and was mighty pleased to be back on quieter paths.

It feels good to be walking again… Crunch crunch crunch underfoot.

We stopped for a break at  village bar and on exiting the village we had our first bit of excitement for the day.   I was walking a little ahead and as I turned a corner I saw cows/bulls/horned cattle!   I didn’t see a fence but I did see a mean looking one running in my direction.   COWS COWS I shouted running back to the girls…  Teresa said that I had a look of terror on my face so she ran back towards the village bottle bank, shouting let’s hide behind these… She had in mind a Pamplona-esque running of the bulls scenario.   Pam and Sherry being far more adventurous searched in their packs for their cameras… Whilst I hovered between the three of them like a scaredycat.

It transpired that they were indeed cows and they were actually being moved from their field to another by the farmer… The wild barking I had heard was actually his farm/working dogs keeping the cows in check.

Teresa came out from behind her bin and also searched for her camera…  They’re not exactly stampeding are they she laughed…  And I had to agree that maybe I did over react a little… Pam said she couldn’t hear the thundering of hooves so guessed it was safe…  I did mention that I  was being prudent because my backpack is bright red and bulls would maybe go for me… But Teresa shouts across… Well maybe Colleen in that case you just need to take one for the team.

So… We giggled onwards for several kilometres… Our silence interrupted every so often with giggles.. Me remembering Teresa hiding behind the bins and the others remembering what a wuss I had been.

After lunch Teresa came up behind me and said… I know now that all I have to do to scare you is to creep up behind you and say moo!

We walked on across the tail end of the meseta watching the horizon where we can see the mountains of Leon… We’re staying the night at Villavante… Tomorrow we’re heading to Astorga and the end of the mesata… The horizon was dark with clouds… I hope that doesn’t mean rain ahead!

8 thoughts on “Take one for the team!

  1. What is it about Burgos and falling flat on one's face!!!
    At least you're well past there Colleen, do take care and keep on posting. I love the pictures as well. Cinders


  2. Never walk in the dark, Now it's getting cooler, you need to do 8 – 10 then 11 – 13 then 14 – 16 – my bete noire was germans with flashlights getting up at 4 am and walking but apart from once (force majeure) when I was dazzled, blinded, photo-phobic for 2 hours walking past, behind or with these idiots, I never put up with it. Great photos of the Camino again and lovely stories – we met sheep flocks on the meseta before Leon – very one man and his dog. Please take a photo of you for us to see at the iron cross Cruz de Ferro 2 days after Astorga – highest point and quite a climb 1500 metres — O Cebreiro is smaller 1350 m. but a steeper climb — hope it stays dry. I got really soaked after Astorga in spite of poncho and hat but luckily staggered on to a refugio which had hot showers – spent more time in the shower than in the bar that night so that tells you something.
    Keeeeep going, Hope the hills and feet don't get you/let you down.


  3. Quite agree about setting off in the dark. It's awful and so dangerous. Having said that, it was broad daylight when I fell and smashed my face……. You are doing soooo well and you are obviously in the rhythm getting fit for O Cebreiro! I'm so enjoying your blog and the pics – keep them coming! xxJen/Gemonimo


  4. Hi you! Love the sky line and can just imagine the panic you got your self into over the cows!!
    I can also hear you sniggering and laughing along the road good to hear you laugh.
    It's raining g here and cold we lite the wood burner today. Leaves nearly gone from the trees. We made our first year in France last Friday, believe or not when we left English soil for French. Where has it gone?
    Any way have a good night and tune in again tomorrow. Keep safe love as always xxx


  5. Colleen, call me silly, but do you really have to set off in the dark???

    I myself never set off until it was light. That was partly because I didn't want to miss a trick and also because there was a woman who fell badly in the dark on some tree root and was immoblised for days.

    Just a thought……………….it could be just me but I just HAD to see everything…………lol

    hugs and kisses



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