It’s Getting Busy

So overnight it rained and it rained and this morning I was expecting the worst… But the weather man was wrong and it has been dry all day.

We left Astorga at around 7.45 with a full moon still in the sky. The streets were wet but nothing falling from the sky!   It is however a tad chilly… And I am loving my new long-sleeved t-shirt.  It’s great to be walking again around people and walking through villages every hour or so.


First we came to Murias de Rechivaldo… There was a great little cafe serving organic breakfasts… So much choice…  Too much for me so I went with my usual tortilla.   We sat out in the morning sun and enjoyed our breakfast.

As I queued I got chatting to a French guy who knew Saint Astier and Perigueux and Exeter… And loved all of them.   I have found it so useful speaking French on this trip… I reckon perhaps 80% of folk’s speak either English or French.  I’ve met three folks that knew Saint Astier… Another with a friend in Tocane and another Riberac… There are lots of French walking.

Anyway we ate… Met up with a few old faces but also lots of new ones.   Astorga is where the camino from Seville joins the camino Francis… So it is noticeably busier.   I met a young chap called Magnus from Denmark… He is just 16 and walking alone!  Wow!

After breakfast we walked on… Through more lovely villages and the countryside is getting noticeably greener… And the hills and mountains are all around.   It felt good walking today.

We arrived at Rabanal del Camino at around 2.30 pm but as before 2 of the albergues we had picked were full.   We had a choice… Walk all the way back down the hill to try the albergue at the start of town… Or grab a room for three in the hotel across the street…  You know of course that we picked the hotel.   23 euros each…  And very nice it is too.   But we really wanted to stay in the albergue tonight as we’d heard they do a great communal meal… Hey ho… Pilgrims menu for us in the bar again!  Moose is in town so maybe he’ll join us?

Tomorrow we start to really climb… Up and up to Cruz de Ferro.   I really can’t believe that I’m here already … It feels like time is speeding up and the journey will soon be over… 240 kilometres to go…  Who’d have thought I could get this far!

4 thoughts on “It’s Getting Busy

  1. Paths look a bit rough so take it easy. Rabanal was nice as we had a meal together but the hotel in the centre looked tempting – pilgrims do talk about temptation, you know.
    Good luck with the climb – only 8 km of constant climbing!!!!!! and as you say the downhill is just as bad if it is slippery – less effort but more dangerous – take it easy on the bit downto el Acebo.


  2. Colleen , so pleased to see that yesterday you had a day without rain, let's hope that the weather continues to stay dry for you all.
    Cathy a lot of people use the J. Brierley guide, we use that and have found it good. You do have to gloss over all his “reflective moments” which are a bit tedious but mostly the pages are well set out, easy to follow and the information very good. Cinders


  3. Yes Colleen who would have thought a month ago you would be there!!
    But you are and by the sound of things you have enjoyed most of it. I hope it is what you expected and possibly more.
    Again well done very proud of you and thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us. Love as always xx


  4. Colleen

    I have just left my first comment for you on the last blog (Rain, rain, rain) at exactly the SAME time as you have posted this blog. Spooky. I hope that you get to read it as I don't know how these things work. And as it's another blog, I am asking another question. Which guide book do you recommend for Camino walkers? You mentioned many walkers like John Brierly's guide – do you agree?

    Good luck with the climb.

    Thinking of you,

    Cathy xxx


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