I want to love my feet but…

We left El Burgo before 7.00 am.   It was still dark of course and decidedly cooler than it has been.   So much so that fleece and buff were needed to keep the chilly wind at bay, it’s been a while since I felt cold.  We’re on our way to Mansilla de las Mulas but the walk was pretty uninspiring, although in the far distance we can see the mountains and hills again… the landscape is changing!

We all have blisters (except Sherry) so today we were resolved to stop after 2 hours and take off our socks and rest our feet.

When we reached a couple of benches it seemed like the perfect place.  However… PILGRIMS!!  How can you ever think it is OK to poop all around a bench like this!!!

Really this was the first time we’d encountered the problem although we have read about it.  Look closely at the photo and you’ll notice plenty of white toilet paper and sadly most of this paper came with poop!  It was really just horrible, worse because we didn’t notice until we sat down! Needless to say we never stopped… So as much as I wanted to love my feet…  I couldn’t.

We walked on for another few kilometres and found a village and bar and loved our feet there instead.

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