Mama said there would be days like this!

I never told you yesterday about Cowgate II… As we were walking down yesterday we came to a field we had to cross.   We normally have tracks beside fields so this was unusual.   Less unusual for this part of Spain… The field was full of cows.   Worst still the cows had horns and worse still they were stood on the path.

Now Gerry will testify that when I get scared I have a habit of swearing.   So in my moment of panic I stuck myself to Pams side,  put my hand into the pocket of her rucksack (I would’ve held her hand if I could!)  and I swore like a trouper across the field…  Oh f*** oh f*** oh f***.  Sorry girls!

But do you know what… In my moments of terror,  having left Pams side to get past the cows she ran up behind me and poked me in the bum!   And of course I jumped out of my skin!

But I survived and we had a lovely communal meal at the albergue last night and great coffee and toast for breakfast… would have been perfect if hadn’t have been for the mouse trying to hitch a ride in my rucksack! Wonderfully rustic camino albergue though if you’re every passing.

It was raining today… Real heavy rain.   It was windy too.   As we left Fonfria Pam started singing… Mama told me there’d be days like this… And I guess she was right.

The first few kilometres were so windy it was almost pushing us along… With so many trees around it was a little interesting!   It really was howling…  Like a cartoon wind.   So much so that we stopped talking… The wind was carrying away our words and we simply could not hear.

There were a few breaks in the rain but on the whole it was wet.

We walked through farms and hamlets and saw very few other pilgrims…  The paths started to flow with water and by the end of the day there were small streams flowing alongside us.   It has been a wet day!

We’re settled now in Pintin… The girls are trying to warm up over a few vino tintos…  And we maybe, just maybe had our last Wednesday on the road.

4 thoughts on “Mama said there would be days like this!

  1. Well last Wednesday on the road. You never thought you'd be saying that Colleen nearly there fabulous …….
    I'm in uk now visiting emma and kids and have a meeting with new girl friend.xxxx


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