P. S.


So tonight we wandered across the road to the busiest pilgrims restaurant and after a couple of drinks ordered dinner.  All was well until my return trip from the bathroom… When I mistook a step for a slope and fell… Smack… Hard on my knees on the marble floor.

You could almost hear the sharp intake of breath…  The collective thought… Oh no 19 kilometres out and smashed knees.

The folks from the surrounding tables rushed over…  All French including the hacker from last night…  Lucky I could understand them!

You could also hear the collective sigh of relief when folks realised all was well.  I got back to my chair and convinced everyone I was fine… And then the three of us fell about laughing.

Teresa and pam said… Colleen we let you out of our sight for just a few moments and look what you do… How can we hand you back damaged… We’ll have to explain to Gerry!

Back now in the albergue and Tom the Canadian calls across to the girls…  Colleen is not in her bed… Should we be worried… And again every one bursts into a fit of giggles.  This is all because Gerry said I could not do the camino because I needed a grown up with me at all times!

19 kilometres to go and still so much could happen…  Keep me safe Saint James…  I’m coming to see you tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “P. S.

  1. yes as Jen says (and sadly we both know from experience!) you'll feel the bruises today. The cream sounds good and I was going to suggest you take some arnica tablets if you have them. Gill


  2. Heavens Colleen, take care! I hope you have been using your Voltarene cream because you'll no doubt feel the pain tomorrow and it's not an easy 19k. Stay well! xxJen/Gemonimo


  3. ouch! do take care and don't do anymore damage to your knees, yourself or others! Still a few steps to go so don't get too demob happy. xGill / Cinders


  4. Don`t forget to collect your additional certificate to commemorate the special 800 year anniversary since the pilgrimage of St Francis of Assisi, from Italy to the city.

    Pilgrims doing the Camino de Santiago following on the footsteps of St Francis and visiting St Francis convent will also be able to apply for a special certificate this year, called ‘Cotolaya’, in addition to the traditional ‘Compostela’. To receive the ‘Cotolaya’, pilgrims must follow the same requirements as the ‘Compostela’, get their pilgrim passport stamped, visit the cathedral and then visit the Church of San Francisco, where they will be able to apply for the ‘Cotolaya’. This Franciscan certificate is only available this year to commemorate this special anniversary.
    ( Maps available from the tourist office)


  5. Continue to be careful and to look out for those little devil/dogs who are trying to stop you.

    Have a good last day and enjoy the run-in.


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