12 thoughts on “Just a quick note…

  1. Oh Colleen, I am so proud of you. It is fan-tab-a-dozy that you have achieved so much. You have been in my thoughts every single day since I joined this blog. I have been willing you on and I've SO SO SO enjoyed your blog. And you made it. Yee-haa.

    Lots and lots of love, Cathy xxx


  2. You have achieved something that few do achieve… and what a fantastic thing to succeed at!!! You have followed your dream and ignored the doubters. What you have done proves to one & all that you are a mega-lady. So proud to say I know you!
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Lots of love
    Paulette xx


  3. OMG, I missed reading about this until this very moment. Had too much on my plate to have followed in “real time”.

    BUT, I feel the excitement, the carnival atmosphere, your first sight of the cathedral. How could I have ever thought that it was ugly and OTT (that was BEFORE I saw it in all its splendour in the sun)?

    Very Well Done!

    Wasn't it just absolutely spendid and the most incredible experience?

    And St James, he never lets anyone down who does the Camino with expectation of Good Things! Does that make sense?

    Hugs, kisses and buckets of love



  4. Well done you absolute star. Full of admiration for you – and your fellow grims! Wish I could join you on 25th but will be with you in spirit 🙂 xxx Jan


  5. Absalutly well done the three of you!!! Fantastic news to see you made in good time safe and sound and still smiling!!!!
    Enjoy your reunion with your family and friends.
    Thank you again for share ing your incredible journey.x


  6. Fantastic, well done!
    (remember when you said you thought you would do well if you got as far as Alto del Perdon!!!!)
    Bravo. Gill x


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