It’s been a few days, sorry for our tardiness. We wandered the coast around Santander and just soaked up the beauty of the beaches.

Tuesday the 9th of October arrived and we sang happy birthday Gerry and packed our bags to head off to the bus station… What the birthday boy didn’t know was that his brother had flown over to help us celebrate. As we walked along the estuary Jeff and Sandra crept up behind Gerry to give him the second shock in two days!

I’d already planned for us to have a couple of easy days exploring the coast around Liencres and onto Santillana del Mar. There are plenty of coastal paths around this area, we meandered along rural tracks and just soaked in the views. And when not walking we did a fair amount of eating and drinking too!

On the 11th we had a choice… Keep walking or become tourists. We’re both feeling lots better but we’re both still coughing so we opted for the latter.  We also had to say goodbye to Maggie as she was off making more adventures… But I know I’ll see her next year!

We caught a bus back to Hendaye to find our car and had a great time picking out all the paths we’d walked! We booked 2 nights in Llanes and 2 more back in Santillana… And we plan to explore a few places we missed.

Today we met Jeff and Sandra and travelled up into the beautiful Picos De Europa… And I got very close to lots of cows .. by choice!!!

It’s forecast to rain tomorrow so we’re going to drive along the coast road back to Santillana… Then a day trip back to Santander! Watch this space… There might be a few more photos to come.

3 thoughts on “Meandering

  1. Looks bootiful Colleen & Gerry , I’m so glad Gerry had a lovely 60 th birthday & he shared with it with Jeff & Sandra ,good work!!
    it’s been peeing down for the last few days but really warm it’s bizarre,
    Keep having fun & speak soon 😘
    Love Helen xx

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