On the mend…

We decided, as we sat in the bus station at Santoña, waiting for our bus that we should make a plan B. We’d got drenched getting to our hotel and we never even got to see Noja at all. We’re both feeling pretty sick and have been walking on every day in the hope that it will be better tomorrow… But that plan wasn’t working.

We both saw the bus for Santander pull in and decided to jump on… If for no other reason than it was warmer and because the bus we needed wouldn’t arrive for five hours.

We booked a room in a mini-apartment on the bus… I fell asleep but Gerry kindly took the 12 o’clock selfie still. We walked from the bus station, buying a few supplies en route… We made bean soup and slept for most of the day and night… And had copious amounts of hot tea.


Today we walked 1 kilometre along the coast to our pre-booked hotel… And best of all we met Maggie on the beach! Yeah! Go Maggie! She was in Santiago and when I said it was Gerry’s birthday she caught the train here to help Gerry celebrate! I’ve got so used to bumping into Maggie now that I forget she lives in Australia!

We’re both feeling a lot better today. We’re still not right, and both feeling tired and stuck with miserable coughs but we definitely feel that the worst is behind us.

We’re going to take it easy for a couple of days… I have to say Santander is beautiful so we made a good choice!


4 thoughts on “On the mend…

    • We are… Its a Shame that it did interupt our walking but we enjoyed what we did! We’ll come back for sure to see the rest! 😎


  1. Take it easy and you’ll live longer !!!
    Not far to Oviedo and Gijon which we liked.
    Good health and good luck and keep walkig.


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