No blog today folks. We’re both a bit under weather. We walked to Laredo and caught the ferry to Santoña. The rain started and the wind howled and then it poured so we caught the bus to Noja. Inevitably we got absolutely soaked trying to find our hotel.

We’re tucked up in bed with coke and a croissant… More rain tomorrow so these two coughing poorly tourists are catching the bus… And I plan to spend as much of the day in bed as possible… Crikey this man-flu is pants!

See you all in Santander… Hopefully we’ll have the spring back in our step by then!

7 thoughts on “Paused

  1. good luck and better weather. – wedding on Thursday at the mairie but the rain presages a couple of bad days for us too. no consolation for you, though.
    keep walking — camino 205


  2. What a shame you weren’t well enough to enjoy Santoña and the infamous hike over the cliff to the next bay (which would have been hazardous in wet weather). Hope you both feel better very soon.

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  3. Oh you poor things. You sound miserable. I found it funny though that directly under your post was an ad for mobility scooters!!!
    Get well soon


  4. Lightweights! Glad you are over there …… wouldn’t want to catch those germs. If it’s any consolation it’s cold & wet here too.


    • Going to be nice again soon… We’re hoping for sun and good health by the time we reach Santander… Gerry’s on the mend now but I do feel pretty awful 😐


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