What’s a Week…

What’s a week between friends?  Well if it’s a week on the Camino Frances then it’s actually quite a lot!

Last summer I was having lunch with a friend and my sister and we were talking about my walking and the possibility of us all doing something together…  “Yes” we all chirped “We should do a week somewhere”… Last week the same friend emailed me and asked…”Are we going to walk in the mountains?”   … and how could I possibly say no?

So we agreed that the end of April would be good and I’ve just had an email to say she’s booked our beds at Orisson for 26th April.  YEAH!   We’re walking from St Jean and we’re going to try and reach Logrono… and this pilgrim is more than a little happy for a few more days of following the arrows.

9 thoughts on “What’s a Week…

  1. Colleen – Your Via de la Plata blog is great fun to read. I walked the Frances in Sept-Oct and I’ll be walking the Sanabres in May. Could you let me know what guidebook you used and if there were places to stay between A Gudiña and Santiago that you would particularly recommend? Sounds as if you have lots of walking ahead this year.


    • Hello Jude and I’m sorry for the slow reply! The Sanabres is wonderful… I would imagine in May it will be a riot of colour!

      I never used a guide book really… although I did buy Gerald Kelly’s book and I’m glad I did. I used a couple of apps on the phone and they were brilliant… it doesn’t really have a name… if you search for ‘Sanabres Way’ you should find the app… its logo is a big yellow shell. They have a range of these app and it’s worth paying the €3 euros for the premium model… they are great. I also used Wise Pilgrim which was useful too. And I used Ivar’s Camino Forum… there were two people who had walked recently who had left great notes… I downloaded the forum resources and used all of these things together… just checking a day or two ahead to make sure all was well. There is also another great blog Magwood.me… she has lots of great information and I also followed the blog of someone who was walking a week ahead of me… so I had really up to date information… I dont remember the name of that now though 😦 I’ll have a think about my favourite places… we did use the xunta albergues in Galicia and they were really good… I’ll have a think and come back 🙂

      p.s. glad you like the blog


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