One Camino…

Two Camino…Three Camino… Four!

Every year around this time we try to take a holiday.  When the children were small it was always in February half-term but these days it’s usually when work is quiet and the sun starts to warm just a little.

This year we’re heading back to Lisbon.  Our first stop was Irun (Camino del Norte) and then on to Burgos (Camino Frances), next onwards to Salamanca (Via de la Plata) and finally Cuidad Rodrigo (Camino Torres).

Cuidad Rodrigo is a great little town and we arrived just a few days before their annual Carnaval de Torres. The town is full and bustling with large groups of folks wandering around the old town.  We did a tour of the old walls, wandered around the old buildings and walked into Plaza Mayor, where it looked like every man in town had been enlisted to help build a stadium… right there in the Plaza.  Clearly the structure was a bull ring but WOW it was an impressive construction and I’m so happy we were able to stand and watch the men at work.

Walking around the town I felt a surge of familiarity… this could have been Zafra or Galisteo or any other Via de la Plata towns.  If I had brought my pack with me I would have happily pulled it on and started walking. This nostalgia was not helped by the familiar camino markers near out hotel.  It would seem that Cuidad Rodrigo is also a camino town, a stop on the Camino Torres.  This camino starts in Salamanca and meanders its way across country to Santiago… and the very idea of walking from Seville to Salamanca and then diverting off on to this Camino fills me with great excitement… but for now this is simply a pipe-dream… Lisbon is calling us!



4 thoughts on “One Camino…

  1. My heart is filled with envy. Just yesterday I saw mountains in the distance and I was yearning to go climb them. Sigh. Keep posting pictures please. I NEED to see them💜👣🚶🏻‍♀️🚶


    • it might be a few days before you see mountains! We went to the beach today… Lisbon tomorrow 🙂 It’s very sunny and lovely 🙂 I’ll load a few more photos tomorrow or Wednesday… I thought I would cry as we drove around Salamanca… and there was a road sign to El Cubo! xx


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