Hold the Squid

We had a great stop over in Naverette and after an afternoon in the bar we joined everyone else for the pilgrims menu.  Gerry went with Hot Garlic soup which looked and smelled fabulous.  I on the other hand was swayed by the host, who said the special was wonderful… stuffed peppers in squid ink.

I enjoyed my dinner but it didn’t sit well on my stomache and so I went to bed feeling a little queezy.  Gerry on the other hand went to bed with a belly fill of wine and soup and slept very well indeed… welcome to the camino life pilgrim.


When we woke in the morning something felt wrong… I looked at Gerry and he asked… are you trying to make that funny face?  Duh… no dear… I think I’m allergic to squid!  My face had ballooned and I could hardly open my eyes.  He thought it was all very amusing and I’m very grateful that we were in our own room and not a dorm.

So we had tea and anti-hystamine and set off on the road once the swelling had gone down enough for me to go public!  Today we’re heading to Najara but as it’s another short day we should be there for lunch.

En route we talk about where we go now.  Gerry only has a few days holiday and I want us to retrace my steps so that he can visit Vianna and Estella and take some wine from the fountain and meet the iron people.  We decide that once we land in Najara we should take a taxi back to Logrono and find our car.  So we bag 2 beds in the albergue and take a taxi back to town… it takes 20 minutes!!  Then we drive all the way back to Najara (20 minutes) and go in search of lunch.

Back at the albergue we bump into a few familiar faces, Maggie and Eve and Kelly and also Noel… who is sleeping in the bunk next to ours!


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