We woke as pilgrims


With the car parked up for the night in the car park by the river, we walked back to the albergue and pilgrim mode.  We went in search of dinner and then  in search of a bar… both are found with relative ease and much fun was had by all.

I really think Gerry could get used to the wine part of the pilgrimage. And so it was again that we found ourselves rushing back to the albergue before the doors were locked.

Gerry says I was the first one sleeping… he also had his first experience of naked bums as they old italian sharing our room decided there was no point in being shy and stripped off.  He did turn his back but this was of little consequence when he bent over to put his clean pants on… don’t you love albergue life Gerry?

But love it or not, the simple truth is that we aren’t really pilgrims anymore.  We woke as pilgrims but as we packed our rucksacks and prepared to leave we knew that our camino had come to an end.  We were the last to leave… and we were the first back as an hour down the road we realised we’d left our boots behind… duh!

We drove to Burgos, following as close as possible to the camino route.  Incredibly we bumped into Verna,  Judy and Tony in Granon and shared a coffee and said our goodbyes.  We bought some supplies in Burgos and a new hiking towel for Noel, who’d left his behind in Estella… and we headed back to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

We’d booked a room at the Parador, they had free parking and we could use our pilgrim credentials to get a cheaper rate (bargain).  Maggie was in the room next door as she had decided it was time for a treat too!  We had a wander around town and for the last time we met up with our pilgrim friends and joined them for dinner in town.

I woke from my lovely five star luxury to more swollen squid face.  The pharmacist said I needed to take a stronger anti-hystamine for a few days… why me?!  (the photo below is after medication and make-up!)


So we’re retracing our steps, Vianna, Estella and Pamplona… then Zubiri, Roncesvalles and back to St Jean.  My little spring camino is over but I’m resolved to walk again one day.


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