Gerry’s on the Camino

log15There is a theme emerging here, I think I’ve joined the party crowd on the camino!  We ate in the main square in Los Arcos and Tony kept us all laughing with his funny stories of his days in the Dutch army. I really like Tony and Lianne… they are just good eggs, if you know what I mean.  And Tony, he can tell a very very good story!  However, I left the dutch and irish contingent and decided on an early tonight, they were off in search of a late night beer and I was tired… bah humbug!

Noel said in the morning that they had indeed found so much beer that Tony had walked back to the wrong albergue with him… so we have no idea where he slept!

There are just three of us in our room, one of the three dutchmen, Noel and myself. The gang changes tomorrow .. Two of three Dutch men leave, the one that is staying I learned is a vicar.  I really liked walking with these three, they were around my age but they acted like teenagers and they just made me smile.  Some of the gang may decide to stay in Vianna and not try to reach Logrono. And more importantly, my lovely Gerry will be on the camino… With tea and sympathy I hope!

So, I slept very well again even with the Dutch snores!  And was woken from my slumbers by Noel. We’d agreed to get on the road early, so this was my morning wake up call. I thought the 30km to Logrono was too far but Noel was sure I could  do it.  The plan was to leave early, so we got up and joined everyone for breakfast and left the dutchman snoring.

At breakfast there was fab German black bread and jam and a lovely man who made all the ladies a little wire momento with our names and a little pilgrim figure… what a lovely lovely little albergue.

So off we walked. I remember today’s stage as being really hard before but actually it wasn’t too bad. We bumped into all the usual suspects along the path and we met Hogni walking the wrong way as he’d forgotten something in Torres del Rio. But he walks fast and soon enough he’d caught us up.

We stopped for lunch in Viana. I had a little task before we ate. Last year I stayed here and by accident I left with a locker key. As I was passing, it felt only right to return it. It took me a while to explain and they seemed very surprised or just totally bemused… but I was glad to have returned it to it’s rightful owner.

Lunch was Chorizo  and eggs for around 3 euros that I ended up sharing with Hogni as there was too much.  I sat in the shade of the fabulous church and chatted with all those familiar faces before putting my pack back on and moving on.

It seemed to take forever to walk into town. It was saturday and what we didn’t know is that Logrono is hen party central… and finding a room was not easy!  We walked and walked and walked around the town in a circle and flippin typical we actually bagged the last two rooms in the first hotel we passed when we entered the city.

So I showered and changed and waited for the call.  Gerry is in town!!! Happy Days indeed!

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