Los Arcos… again!


Los Arcos in 2014

So I made it to Estella and I remember it well from last year… or maybe not!  There’s a whole part of town I didn’t see before!

After showering and doing the washing we headed into town but decided to go off piste from the pilgim menu and instead we chose a very nice restaurant in the main square.  We had a wonderful dinner  but stayed out late and had to leg it back to the albergue before they closed the doors!  My leg and face really hurt by bedtime but the bed was great and finaly I really slept well.

Everything ached when I woke.  My face and knee are bluer and my knee is stiff and hurts but today we’re heading to Los Arcos and apart from the first few kilometres it should be an easy walk.

We headed out of town and made a short stop at the wine fountain  and then we stopped for coffee before heading off into the wheat fields before Los Arcos.

I’m walking with Noel again and we seem to walk at much the same pace as the three dutch guys (and another dutch father and son team).  They are all great fun,  most of them speak good english too.

I am again stunned at how beautiful everywhere is in spring… I really would love to do a spring camino and again I feel sad that I’ll soon be leaving my new chums.

Regardless of my sore knee we arrive in Los Arcos in good time and bag a bed in the German albergue on the edge of Town and it’s really nice!  They greeted us with cold drinks and chocolate cake!  The three dutchmen are here and Hogni… no girls yet though.

My previous memories of Los Arcos weren’t great but I see it in a new light now! I took a shower… GREAT shower! I did my washing and decided to have a cup of tea and a bit of a sit down… before heading off into town to find the rest of the gang.

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