What kind of plant is that?

Last night our little gang shared a great dinner and a lot of wine, but no wine for me of course!

The albergue was first class, indeed  fabulous except… the beds were sh*t. A thin mattress literally on top of a sheet of mdf, which in turn was on itop of the springs. But the springs were totally pointless because all we felt was the mdf.


I rediscovered my hip bones and slept dreadfully. So another bad night, another early start and I joined Noel for breakfast. Today we’re heading to Estella… I’ve not walked this bit before as it was last year’s blistergate stage!

Out of town there is a long steep climb and I was so hot and so tired and really felt dreadful.  Poor Noel must have wondered what he had taken on as I was just a hot sweaty mess!  That’s when it happened.  I’m tired and on the camino… something was bound to happen! Noel was telling me a horrible story, I think it was more of a boy story as it made me retch. I lost concentration and before I knew it I was down.

Sadly this was not a silly tumble or a minor slip. This was a full on hard fall.  I felt my face hit the pavement and I felt my teeth cut into my lip and I just remember thinking please dont lose a tooth!

Blood was running down my chin and forming a rather unpleasant little puddle on the road.  Noel was saying don’t move whilst trying to get my pack off. An America pigrim, who was crying (I wasn’t!) gave me her Saint charm to keep me safe on my journey (not a lot of help  but quite sweet nonetheless)  The three Dutch men came along, and a few other pilgrims and all offered to help but there was little to be done.

I sat on the pavement and realised that my knee was throbbing.  My face hurt, my leg hurt and I just kept asking Noel to check that my teeth were still in tact.

The dutchmen, Noel, the other two pilgrims stood around me asking if they could help and I just sat there determined not to cry but knowing that I was looking a bit frightful.  I thanked them, wiped away the blood and complained that once upon a time I used to be pretty!

It wasn’t nice and I was a bit shaken but thank goodness nothing was broken and I was able to dust myself off and carry on.

My lip is black and swollen inside and out.  My nose is grazed and bruised and a bit scabby.  I’m staring to get a black eye and my chin has a cut and is pretty black, and my knee is black and pretty swollen. But we washed away the blood as best we could and we carried on.

As the day progressed and we met friends I told them Noel had pushed me. Then we said he punched me and by dinner he’d told everyone I could take a punch and we all laughed maybe a little too much!

Anyway, I walked to Lorca and then, unlike last time, I walked on to Estella! We stopped in the municipal albergue, Tony and Lianne were already there. Maggie is on her way along with Evelyn and Kelly.  Not the best camino day but I’m counting my blessings and still smiling!  And in answer to my question… what kind of plant is that?  A face plant of course.


6 thoughts on “What kind of plant is that?

  1. OMG! brings back memories of falling flat on my face in Burgos…………………truly awful! Hope you feel better soon and perhaps Gerry can keep you in order! You'll just have to restrict the partying and take life more seriously. Buen Camino X Gill T


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