Bed Boards

After my wonderful night in Pamplona I woke refreshed and we started walking out of town. It wasn’t long though before Maggie realised her blisters were really hurting. We stopped and talked about what she should do; we felt the best thing was for her to search for a bus and take it easy today and let her feet heal… having been there I know exactly what she’s going through!

So we made plans to meet later and I left Pamplona in the early morning. Just as in the countryside, there are beautiful flowers everywhere. I passed a park and decided I had to leave the trail for just a little bit to have a wander around… fabulous!

As I headed out of town I met Evelyn. she had been with us in Zubiri. She’s Irish, our age and travelling with her friend Christine (who everyone calls Kelly). Kelly had a bad stomach and had stayed in the albergue for a little longer, so I walked a while with Evelyn. If you had to imagine an Irish woman you would imagine her. She is kind and lovely, full of laughter, prays for us all and loves a little drink!

5 km out of Pamplona Kelly caught us but she wasn’t well so they both  stopped and I wished them well and walked on.

I’m heading off to Alto de Perdon and the beautiful iron people. Last time the thought of this hill filled me with dread but today I’m looking foward to the walk.  I had a coffee at Zariquiegui.  Last time I sat here almost in tears with blisters and I remember seeking refuge in the little church and I really wanted to visit the church again… but it was shut.

Kelly and Eve came and joined me, along with Noel.  We chatted for a bit and then Noel challenged me to a race to the top, totally unfair as it turned out because he stormed ahead and I am totally useless on hills! But he waited for me at the top and we walked on together into Puenta la Reina. He made me laugh the whole way and I almost forgot that he walks at a pace.

Most of the usual suspects had had opted for the same albergue.  Maggie had bagged us a private room for four, with a private bathroom, which we’re sharing with Verna and Judy… yippee!  The only downside is that the beds have very hard MDF boards under the matress so we’ll see how that works tonight!

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