Bulls! Bulls! Bulls!


I’m back in my pod and thought I’d just share a little p.s.

What a great night I’ve had. We followed the route of the bulls through Pamplona town centre and just stood and wondered how terrifying it would be here for both runners and bulls… but at least the runners have a choice.

Then we ambled up pinchos street and looked at all the amazing food on offer.  Next we wandered into a huge square to meet the a few other pilgrims at Cafe Iruna. .. Hemmingways favoured haunt.  Wow!  What a beautiful place!

We choose a few pinchos (tapas) each and sampled the delights on offer. Hogni musst have sampled rather a lot of the local wine too and had to excused himself early but we girls wandered back searching for ice creams.  Typically the artisan yummy ice-cream shop was closed but we had ice-cream on our minds so we settled for a Magnum!

I’m back in my pod now and the three dutchmen have just returned… the main lights are out and I can hear them fumbling around in the dark, giggling and giggling like school boys. I think they’ve been enjoying the local wine too!

Today has to be one of the best ever camino days.

2 thoughts on “Bulls! Bulls! Bulls!

  1. loved pamplona – did it twice first as a start point and then as an end after the pyrenees. but didn't get into good relationships with other walkers until after pamplona because i think everyone was finding their feet, feeling their blisters and finding their own pace . the route out of pamplona was ….. wonderful …. after the climb!!!


  2. Café Iruna – a great café, anyone who visits Pamplona should go there. I looked in at the pod albergué but I wasn't too used to albergués at that stage and decided me and my sore feet needed a hotel room and en-suite that night. You are certainly bringing back the memories for me Colleen, keep on posting. How are your feet this time?
    Gill x


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