So last night I slept in a convent!  And a  jolly good sleep it was too.

After a few hours exploring the town we had dinner with a very jolly German guy and his wife. He really was VERY jolly and he also ate anything that no-one wanted; I would say he had a hearty appetite!   He also had wine with everything… Even adding it to his yoghurt!!  But he and his wife were really very lovely and we had a pleasant evening.

I must have gone to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but the girls told me in the morning that some poor Pilgrim was banging on the door at 9.45 trying to get to his bed.   Normal lights out is 10:00 pm but here it was 9.30pm…he wasn’t allowed in so I wonder where he slept!

Breakfast was also included so today  we joined more Americans,  2 Italians and 2 British cyclists from Wimbledon, who planned to complete the camino in 2 weeks!

I got sushed twice by the Nun serving us… even though it was the noisy American contingent down the other end of the table giggling too loudly… but I didn’t mind taking the rap for them.

So… Another easy day for us.   Only 18.5 km.   This is an odd section of the walk, we either have to walk 2 really long days or 3 shorter days… We opted for 3 shorter days but it does feel odd finishing so early.

We were heading to El Burgo Ranero and the guidebook said there was a great albergue 1km out of town.   Normally we would never to choose to walk 1km off the trail but as we had a short day we thought it may be worth a try. We left Pam at a bar in town to wait for Sherry and me and Teresa went to check it out.

First we walked off in the wrong direction but were redirected by an old chap as we headed out the wrong side of town.   So passing Pam and waving 20 minutes later we started heading in the right direction… the local drums must have been beating that there were lost pilgrims as 500m along the road a car pull up beside us to tell us which way to go.

This really was a little off the beaten track and I was more than a tad nervous having to cross over railway lines to reach the albergue… just stepping over the tracks!

We knew really as soon as we saw the albergue and hosts, that it was a mistake… Everything about it screamed wrong wrong wrong… But we went in,  looked around and told them we would be back with our friends. Then we scurried away back over the railway lines to the village and booked rooms in the only hotel in town.

An albergue is usually 5-7 euros so we pushed the boat out at 22.50 each. But we have a room with proper sheets and towels and our laundry is being done whilst I type… Pilgrim heaven and a million miles (1km) from creepsville!  Although sadly as a small village with one bar what we didn’t anticipate was the hosts coming in to the bar an hour or so later for their evening drink…  heyho… we had our room!

P.S. Thanks for the advice regarding blisters.   It’s just one on my heel really.   Pam (retired nurse)  threaded silk through it last night, but I hear what you say about walking too fast.   I have got into a bit of a habit of walking fast.   I HAD to find a bathroom again today so maybe it is linked?   And I have not stopped and aired my feet for the last 2 days either.

We’re all getting fresh blisters so tomorrow we’re going slow and we’re going to air our feet every 2 hours.  Fingers crossed we’ve learned our lesson.


Another reasonable day tomorrow and then Leon on Monday where the lovely Mr Sims has booked us into the parador !

10 thoughts on “Creepsville

  1. Just a reminder, show your credential as I am told that there is a special rate for pilgrims at the Parador in Leon but you probably know all about that. Gill / Cinders


  2. Coincidentally there was an account in the Mail on Sunday by an American woman who did the walk with a similar cathartic experience – I will keep it for you. XxxJ


  3. Sounds like you are being sensible with the feet but please continue to be careful – we all want you to finish.
    One parador per 300 km is ok but more is a bit of a luxury because you are not suffering like a real pilgrim should !!!! ????
    Great photos as usual and really memorable for me as these are the last kms into Leon that I did with Dave. His diary notes that the stained glass in Leon was superb.
    I did Leon to Ponferrada on my own; so there is no diary to remind me and I am really waiting for you to tell me what it was like – I remember a lot of flat bits followed by a lot of up and down bits including the highest point on the Camino – please send a photo of that; – and a real soaking on the big flat going down to Ponferrada. And the oldest roman bridge on the camino with a lovely german lady who was a support worker in a religious hostel with wonderful people and atmosphere – where ??? – you tell me but send a photo if you find it.


  4. Ouch… that looks soooo sore. You are really doing so well. Having dipped into the blog to see where you are, I google-mapped it and, wow, you have come a long way!! Keep strong and enjoy! Lots of love Norman & Paulette xx


  5. You've had me crying and now I'm giggling – although I'm sorry about the blisters. What a fabulous experience – enjoy the Parador and keep taking the photos – loved the early morning shot. … Jsn xxx


  6. Ooh parador in Leon huge and magnifique so enjoy! No more paradores until Santiago!

    Naughty girl, SLOW walking, air feet and change your socks each time after feet airing………….OK no more reproaches.

    You sound so great and so at ease and you would LOVE Leon. There are lovely bars all around the cathedral and a wonderful buzz in the town.

    Have you had any sangria? Nice glugging…………..

    Many wonderful places yet, Colleen and don't worry about how many kilometres, etc. Just take it all in, all of it and you will come home feeling so refreshed;

    sweet xxxxxxxxxx


  7. Yes, Colleen, which one was the creepy one? I'll be doing Burgos/Ponferrada next week and would prefer to avoid a creepy albergue!! Take care of your feet and guts and a day off never hurt a pilgrim. xxJen/Gemonimo


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