So our albergue last night turned out to be a diamond in the rough.   We had a great meal and a quiet comfy night in our little room for four.

Today we decided we would set off early… It may well be October but as the sun rises it gets really very hot and yesterday I got burnt again despite wearing sun cream.   Did you know you can tell a Pilgrim from his one sided tan.   The sun rises on our backs and by noon it’s on our left… My left arm and left side of my neck and face are definitely browner than the other side!

So we rose at 6.00 and left just before 7.00.   It’s still dark at this time so we walked together to avoid getting lost.  The morning sky is so lovely, a  real bonus of starting this early!  I tried to take a photo; three or four times I tried but there was nothing but black.   At this point I started to panic… I have taken over 600 photos so my camera could not break!   I stopped and asked Pam to help me…

ME: oh no my camera is not working,  look the pictures just come out black

PAM: well it is still dark… Maybe that’s why?   Point it at my torch…

ME: (points camera at torch)  oh yeah it’s working now

PAM: we should never speak of this again… To anyone!

So onwards we walked across the mesata in the cool of the early morning.

I’ve got plasters on again today as the dreaded blisters have returned.   Nowhere near as bad as before and I am so on the case this time… But I would prefer if they just disappeared and left me in peace!

We arrived in Sahagun just before noon.   Teresa and Sherry made a plan yesterday which should see us walking around 20km a day over the next 19 days… Perfect easy days… And who would have thought three weeks ago I would be saying 20 km is an easy day!

Today’s destination was the Hospideria de Santa Cruise…  A convent with just 16 beds… In rooms of 4. The book says this albergue is immaculate… And it’s true.   No frills but for 25 euros we get very comfy bunks,  4 only in a room,  ensuite private shower,  Mass,  dinner and breakfast.   Doors are locked at 9.30 and open again at 7.00am.

We dropped our bags and headed off in search of lunch…  For pilgrims it does feel very decadent indeed!

P. S.   I am really grateful for all your comments… No idea how to reply to them but I love reading them xx

3 thoughts on “Decadence

  1. Sorry to hear about the dreaded blisters. Take it easy and think about your 20 km in 3 short stages of two hours with good breaks. You'll still get to the target hostel by 3 p.m. so you can reward yourself with a good rest (feet up!!!) and have a good evening with other pilgrims.
    Keeeeep walking … and don't let the bastards get you down …. your feet, that is!


  2. Darling Colleen, what you have said about the blisters and the tummy upset tells me that you are walking too fast! I don't mean too far but definitely at too fast a speed.

    I think you will find that if you slowed down your steps, both of those problems will be lessened. The walking immediately hurts less and I believe that the stomach thing is akin to marathon runners' diarrhoea. Apparently, all marathon runners get it. I have no scientific explanation but I think that it must be to do with the continual movement and the stomach contents being sloshed around as you keep walking mile after mile.

    I have re-read my own journal and I see that Sahagun was the place where I nearly jumped on the train and went home. But I know you won't even think of that, being a far more sensible and less panicky person than I could ever be!

    Leon next, if you aren't there already, lucky you! I hope you will have some photos of the stained glass to show us. If there is a concert at the cathedral, do consider attending!

    Sending kisses and hugs



  3. Hi Colleen we love reading yours also. As I have said before I'm walking with you through your eyes. I love the photos as well. So don't stop!! I also want to get to the finish line… have a good night.


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