There are  no photos of our last supper with Catherine because before dinner ended my stomach decided it wasn’t happy and I spent a fair amount of time stuck in the loo in the bar at Carrion de Los Condes.

On the way back to the hostel I was introduced to the term Shart.  A fellow Pilgrim, who had clearly suffered the same Spanish tummy, explained that whilst feeling like I did I should never trust a fart… Because there was always the risk of it becoming a shart! We giggled and laughed all the way home but needless to say I heeded that advice.

We got up early to try and avoid as much of this October sun as possible, we left Carrion whilst the sun was waking up.  The girls went in search of coffee but I was giving my stomache a rest so I carried on walking out of town.  Leaving Carrión you have to cross a  16th century bridge and pass the 10th century Benedictine Monasterio de San Zoilo… which is now a Parador… wish I knew that last night.

For the next 17km the Camino is pretty straight following an old Roman road known as the Via Aquitana.    After about 4km we actaully started walking on the old Roman Road. The guide book had warned us to take plenty of water and food as there really is nothing… no loos and no fountains or stops, just a stream of pilgrims all heading west!

I was hot, thirsty and hungry by the time I reached Calzadilla de la Cueza.  I spotted farm buildings and signs of life just before the village so was hopeful that the long 3.5 hour slog was done. Because I was resting my tummy the walk felt very long indeed.  I was so  happy to reach the village and a bar… with food and loos.   I enjoyed coffee and tortilla and no ill effects… and guess who was sat in the sun as I arrived… Catherine!

It was really hot today.   It must be pushing 30-35 degrees every day and it’s October!   How do people do this in August?

After eating and drinking, I walked on and caught up with Sherry and we chatted and walked together to Lédigos… but it was tiring as Sherry walks fast!  We stopped at this tiny village and grabbed a room for 4…it’s all a bit basic but not a dormitory or a bunk bed and we have a real bathroom with a lock on the door… I almost didn’t care that the water was cold.

I’m feeling a little weary and a bit homesick but today was a real milestone…  I have now walked further than I have left to walk…  ONLY 381 KMS TO SANTIAGO!

3 thoughts on “Shart

  1. over halfway!! Good photos reminiscent of good times. As for the memories, remember the good and throw the bad out with the showerwater – down the drain.


  2. You will finish this amazing journey I'm sure, and what a journey the sights the people the problems you at the start, your memories that you will take with you……the ups and the downs …..
    Your a very brave lady and I hope you get every thing that you want from this adventure and more.
    Love you. Take care until next


  3. Hi Colleen, well what a journey! the ups and the downs your emotions seem to follow the shape of the land scape.
    You make me laugh you make me cry, I smile at you and think of all that we've been through. That you've endured with life mum as you say you didn't know and many other things that life has throne at us, but you have got through it we have got through it and now you have had the chance to May look at it more deeply, but you didn't do anything wrong! It wasn't your fault! ….
    You have achieved so much in your life you have a wonderful husband that I'm sure you know. And a truly amazing son who willendever to keep you on your toes


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