Just what is important?


In just a few short days the things that are most important in my life are changing… Of course there are constants that will never change… Family and the people we love… But now the single most important thing for me, beyond loved ones,  is for the blisters on my toes to heal and for my new shoes to be perfect for the days ahead.

I feel good… No aches or pains…  I am even beginning to look forward to the shared accommodation and meals found in the albergue… But if these stupid blisters don’t heal I can’t move on.

Walking out of pamplona at sunrise was beautiful… My breakfast of choice is cafe con leche with a slice of warm tortilla.

As we walked we saw in the distance windmill hill… Otherwise known as alto de perdon.   I’ve always felt that getting passed here was a psychological barrier for me… If I made it through the pyrenees I was really on my way and maybe I could make it all the way.

I sent Elizabeth on when we stopped for a drink… I needed to air my feet and she is on a tight schedule…  Been great walking with my Californian friend!

The climb up was way easier than I thought… The descent way worse.   I’ve been surprised  by how rustic and worn the path is.  How on earth the cyclists get over some of the terrain is beyond me.   Anyway looking back at pamplona and the pyrenees on the distant horizon filled me with a great sense of achievement… I walked all that way!


I thought I would stop at urtega… Or obanos… But I made it to puenta de la reina… And a fantastic albergue.

I sobbed when I realised I’d lost my charger…  I  silently sobbed again at lorca when I knew I had to stop walking… My boots and shoes are evil!  I very nearly threw them into the river…  But instead I’ll post them home.

I shared a taxi into estella with a lady from the US and molly from the UK… 7km I didn’t walk… How much will that bother me in the days to come?  Molly had had enough and was going to book a flight to America to visit her son instead.   Cathy is walking with three others who I’ve christened the golden girls… After the TV series because they are great company and they make me smile.

Taking the decision to stay a day in estella means I lose touch with all the folks I know… I am loathed to do this but not having blisters is more important.

So here I am in hostel Christina…  Listening to the noise of the market below and hoping and praying that my new shoes get me to Santiago…  And feeling more than a little stupid for not being able to prevent this.

5 thoughts on “Just what is important?

  1. Just catching up… Hope your feet recover, and that you are soon back on your way. Enjoying reading your blog.. Just a thought, strangers are only friends you've not yet met….Xx



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