Alone again…

I’m walking again… And it feels good.

At 8.30 this morning I joined the queue in the post office, waiting to send my boots home.   In front of me were two aussies who’d come with full outback camping gear…  They were sending a lot home!

This is clearly a common request as there is a special pilgrims counter… You just choose the size box you need and hand over your passport… He filled out the forms and I paid 8 euros… And my boots will be waiting for me in Santiago… Fabulous!

There are lots of pilgrims walking and lots here now at Villamayor de Monjardín… But I don’t really want to meet them…  No golden girls,  no happy lovely girls from singapore,  no Herman or Ben or Jason,  or Stan and his wife and so many others that walked with me since Roncevalles.   They aren’t my pilgrims.   My pilgrims are 30 kms away… They may as well be on the moon.

I’ve walked a short day today… Just 10km but I did get to the free wine fountain and my new shoes feel OK.

I’m showered and made my bed and done my feet…  The foot care kit is now the biggest part of my bag… But blisters are getting better.

I’m going to walk another short day tomorrow… To Los Arcos and fingers crossed my feet will then be ready for more 20km days…  And I can join another group again!

All in all today is a good day and on a  brighter note I heard my first Pilgrim fart last night… My German neighbour.   Made me smile.

5 thoughts on “Alone again…

  1. A day off never hurt any pilgrim, especially if it was to take care of the feet! You are doing so well Colleen and it sounds as if your spirits are high which is wonderful. Los Arcos has a great Albergue, the Casa de Austria and four years ago they made their own dark german bread for breakfast. Yummy. Jen


  2. Colleen, don't use the Compeed. I was specifically warned not to use Compeed as it just keeps the blisters moist;

    Just prick the blisters, a little antiseptic cream, then gauze held in place by micropore.

    Also, if you think it will help, take an ibuprufen every night. A man I met who had done 4 caminos gave me that tip; he said they call it the Pilgrim's Friend on the Camino.

    You are doing so well, Colleen, bon courage!



  3. Colleen well done, take it easy for a bit and let those feet recover. Monjardin was good for us and the albergue at the top of the village did a good evening meal. Busy packing and leaving here later to head for Bdx then by trains to Spain tomorrow. Start at Burgos on Sunday. You'll soon meet some new friends and we found that suddenly we met our old friends again ablout 3 days later. Cinders / Gill


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