Service is temporarily suspended !

The blog is in my temporary hands today because someone left their phone charger in her room and then walked over a big hill! So until she gets to a town where she can buy a replacement we’re on restricted access.

One of the big challenges on the route is the Alto de Perdon and after leaving Pamplona Colleen walked 24km up and down this hill with it’s spectacular tin figures. It was even more challenging because the boots she was doubtful about proved every bit as treacherous as the paths and her sandals weren’t up to climbing. So her feet were in a bad state by the time she arrived in Punta de la Reina. She had a good night there and even braved the shower room full of glass walled cubicles. Luckily the Italian cyclist she had dinner with was banished to the mens room.

Today she attempted to walk another 20km to the next big town Estella but her feet are giving her terrible problems and the heat is bad too. She met with a couple of other ladies similarly suffering and they are now taking a taxi for the last couple of km into Estella to find some more shoes and check in to her room for maybe 2 days. She can then head back out to the Camino on Friday to pick up the route. She is a day ahead of herself so the rest will be well earned and I hope she can protect her blisters.

I’ll be on with more news if she makes contact ! Meanwhile here are some photos from Tuesday.


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