What.. When… Why

I am learning quickly that there are some things about walking the camino that you can’t change and you either like it or…  Well you go home.

So my dear lovely Gerry left me at Viscaret and took a taxi back to Roncevalles and I plugged in my iPhone and listened to the songs he loaded for me…  I sobbed my way out of the village and up and up and up… For 4km… Then it levelled out and of course then it came down… Steeply.   And as I panted my way along people were actually running past me!


I stopped for my picnic beside a river, where a very nice lady gave us half of a huge watermelon…  I shared this with a French priest and his friend.

I walked another hour or so in ridiculously hot weather before finally arriving at my stop for the night and a rather spartan municipal albergue in Larrasoana.   Dinner at the local bar with 2 Irish, 2 Australians,  3 Americans,  and 2 folks from the isle of Man…  Very funny evening in the company of very lovely people… Back to the albergue at 8.30 only to find lights out and the Korean contingent asleep!  So I struggled into my top bunk, afraid to move in case I fell out… Whilst also trying to get rid of the cramp in my toes… Oh happy days.

Ear plugs again were a must but even they didn’t help block out the Koreans when they got up at 4.45 am!!  Why?!  It’s still dark?!  I tried to sleep again but it was never going to happen so at 6.30 I gave up and joined everyone else…  On the path… In the dark!

Today I walked 19km to pamplona with 2 of the Americans and a mother and daughter from Singapore…  Blisters are bad,  but I’m in a hotel…  I don’t smell anymore…  And tomorrow I have a huge climb ahead… Early night me thinks!

9 thoughts on “What.. When… Why

  1. Enjoying your blog – making me smile as ever! Lots of “tiny” steps! Hope your feet improve – still reckon Crocs are the answer….. 😉 Xx


  2. Bravo, but sorry to hear about the phone charger, I left one (not as valuable or important as yours) in Puenta La Reina year before last. We start on Sunday from Burgos, don't think we will coincide but just wanted to say bonne chance et bon continuation. Cinders


  3. well done colleen. keep at it, girl – I warned you not to walk in the dark but the koreans and germans are nutters and get up at 4 a.m to avoid the later heat and to get a good bunk at the next hostel !!!!! – NOT to be imitated as a strategy !!

    I'm glad you are meeting nice people and hope you keep striding on..

    I particularly liked the graffitti on the stop sign photo which said : ” Don't STOP walking ” — good one !!

    good luck as ever.



  4. Don't rush out of Pamplona in the morning. Walk through the botannical gardens, very worthwhile, and you could have a drink and just take stock.

    The gardens are on the right side of the road out of Pamplona. If you can, find and see a chiropodist. Pamplona is a good bet as it's a biggish town


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