And we’re off!

What a surreal experience,  leaving home,  saying goodbye and knowing that I won’t be back for 7 weeks!

So we arrived… I learnt that I really really don’t like heights!  Gerry reckons that travelling up a mountain with me was like travelling with a tourettes sufferer… But really… do the roads have to be so narrow!?

 I was just glad to get to Roncevalles…  Much much nicer than we anticipated and we had our own little cubbyhole come booth for two.

Very nice meal with French,  American, Italian and Korean travellers… Then a pilgrims mass and blessing which gerry refused to attend… And lights out at 10.00 pm.

There were 40 in our room and the snoring started after maybe 10 minutes..  The like of which I’ve never heard before… Soooo glad I have earplugs!

Then at 6.00 am the lights are on and a rather jolly man comes along waking anyone desperate for just a little more sleep… We had breakfast outside under the stars… Which is just wrong!

We meandered our way along the path and only missed one marker… But half the village redirect you so it’s not a problem.   We’ve checked in to our casa rural for the night, La Posada Nueva Viscarret… There’s not a lot here and we’re opposite the one bar… And poor Mr Sims is already snoring beside me… I’m going to miss him tomorrow.

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