Loose Ends

9. Zamujeria do Mar – Odeciexe

Last night we had a message from our American friends… they loved walking with brollies. They had dinner reservations in town but Gerry had his eye on another place so we told them to hang on to the brollies for tomorrow and we’d catch up with them later. I’m really pleased they’ve found them useful.

We walked into town, up through all the restaurants that lined the main street. But we kept walking because Gerry had read about Vincentino’s and he had his heart set on one of their house burgers.

We arrived just as it opened and grabbed one of the last unreserved tables. We ordered our burgers with sweet potato fries and a house salad. I swear we only waited about 5 minutes before our dinner was on the table. And it was very tasty! The service was super speedy and 45 minutes later we were back on the street. Maybe a bit too speedy but people were queueing for tables so I guess they like a quick turn around.

It’s really humid and warm. We wandered back through the town and then along the cliff path to the beach. It’s a shame it’s so dark… we couldn’t even see the moon! We meandered our way down to the beach but stopped short when we reached the steps… I’m still not good with the whole bending knee thing on stairs and steps. So we walked back up the hill and returned to our hotel.

This is a really nice seaside town and hotel; it feels purpose built and all the rooms face in around a moorish style courtyard. In the centre is a little fountain and lots of chairs and loungers. There are lots of hikers here and a number of them sat chatting in this space earlier. It’s a good place.


We woke at just before 8:00am.  There’s no need to set the alarm now.  We made a drink (still loving our kettle!) and we ate part of the plentiful breakfast that they left in our room… there was a little fridge with yoghurt and ham and cheese and they leave fresh warm rolls hanging on your door.  There was more than enough for breakfast and a packed lunch if you wanted.

I’m feeling a bit jaded today.  I have a really sore throat and a bit of a headache and I think the antibiotics are taking their toll on my stomach too.  In all honesty,  no matter how lovely it is here and no matter how beautiful the weather… I really wish I could click my heels and go home.  But as that’s not possible we go for a drive instead.

We follow the beach road out of town which was a big mistake. It shortly turned into a bit of a track that went on for several kilometres… bump bump bump bump bump.. crikey we rattled along.  Eventually we ended up on tarmac and then found the correct road that took us to the next beach on the Rota’s route.  We giggled as we pulled into the car park and a trail of 4 x 4 cars came pouring down the track…indeed we half expected Dawn and Steve to roll down in their off road car!  No wonder our poor little VW Up struggled 😀

We walked down to the waters edge and watched fishermen cast off from the rocks and walkers roll in from the cliffs.  If you look at the photos closely you’ll see both.  We wandered around the Cove. The rock formations are fascinating.  At the bottom of the cliff you can see where the rock was literally melted before the slate layers.  It’s so interesting to see.  Then we wander to the sea shore…the water is wonderful and I so wish I could just splash in a cool off.

We had a cold drink and talked to some Canadians who had stayed in our hotel last night… before saying our goodbyes and driving to the next port of call.

Again we parked up and walked down to the beach.  As we walked we looked up at the cliffs watching two hikers come down and then realising it was our American friends going up… gosh it looked tricky and there is no way I would have coped with my knee.

We walked back up to the car and wondered what next?  We bought an ice cream and watched news of another forest fire in Portugal… the Portuguese in the bar were also watching with genuine concern… someone said yesterday that some places here hadn’t  seen rain since April!

It was midday… the next town was our stop for the day but we were too early. We were at a bit of a loose end so we decided to just drive south…to see where we would end up.

As it happened an hour later we drove by Cabo St Vincent and then Sagres.

By now my head was thumping and of course we couldn’t find a pharmacy.  Instead we bought salad and fruit from an Intermarche and after our picnic simply headed back the way we had come.

We parked on the edge of Odeceixe and wandered up to our hotel. It’s called Casa Antiga.  It’s OK but the bed is rather hard and the single pillow a tad lumpy… we’ve stayed in better to be honest. We met up with the Americans and they say their’s is the best they’ve had…that is called Casas do Moimho. It looks more expensive but they say it is wonderful.  Tonight is their last night as they are off to the Algarve tomorrow… they were only ever planning to walk for 5 days.  They say the enjoyed the walk but not the heat and they felt for them it was maybe tougher than they expected… but stunning and they had no regrets.

So here we are, not walking and to be honest at a bit of a loose end.  Should we stay?  Should we try and get a flight home earlier?  Should we perhaps just book a little apartment and stay in something more comfortable for the coming week?  If I was feeling better I think the choice would be easier… we will see what the clinic says tomorrow before we decide. My knee has been throbbing today so I really hope there is some improvement… maybe the throbbing is because it’s coming back to life?

What I’d really like right now is a hot mug of tea. 🙄

4 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. Ah what a shame when I know you were looking forward to this walk. I’m sure you will know by morning the wises choice to take, I’m sorry for you both but there is always another time. Along with another lovely blog!
    Take care both of you and see you soon after your return.
    Love M.xx


    • We made our choice… hope it was right 😀 at least we’re safe and content and with all the weather and fires around us we’re the lucky ones xx


  2. You two have not had very good luck on this trip! Beautiful scenery but lousy physical problems. I hate to see you continue when you feel so bad….but, know you will make right decision.


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