Saint Sulpice de Roumagnac Loop

Monday 24 August 2020 | 09:30 | 11.8 kms

A few weeks ago before the heat of the Dordogne summer took hold we walked a lovely circuit around Segonzac.  I knew there was a second circuit that we could walk on the opposite side of the valley and so I made a note to come back as soon as the weather cooled a little; that time has arrived!  Who wants to join me for a walk!

It’s a little further than last time but the route is classed as Very Easy so I’m confident that we’ll manage this before lunchtime.

We’ll meet outside the Foyer Rural in the village of Saint Sulpice de Roumagnac at 09:30.  Google shows the address here : 18 Roumagnac, 24600 Saint-Sulpice-de-Roumagnac

Dont forget to bring a little snack and a drink or water.

2 thoughts on “Saint Sulpice de Roumagnac Loop

    • haha I know 😀 I’m updating my website and sadly it means that I have to publish the updates.. even when I’m just updating… but… worry not! There are going to lots more in the future!


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