Post Camino Blues

We’re home and it’s hot hot hot in SW France. We’ve been mooching; catching up with work and emails and odd jobs and spent a fair amount of time just chillin’ in the garden with the cats.

I think I have a case of Post-Camino Blues. Usually when one walk ends another one is being planned but in these COVID-19 days our plans to walk again are looking precarious. Numbers in France and Spain have risen a little in the last few days and the cases in the US and elsewhere are on the rise. Does this mean that we must stay home until effective treatment or a vaccine is found?

We’re thinking of buying a tent. At least that way we can go off in our car for a night or two and sleep under the stars.

I really hope that all of my fellow travellers and pilgrims friends are safe and well… I really hope that we can all wander again soon. In the meantime… here’s a little Lebaniego video


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