Day 13 O Cadavo – Lugo

So our albergue last night was really lovely.  The shower was great and the lady so helpful but… Maybe it was because the bed was small… Or because the mattress was hard… Or the pillow not right… Or the room too stuffy… Or perhaps the noise from the albergue loo above us was a tad noisy… Or perhaps  the emergency exit light above our door was too bright… But for some reason we just never slept very well.

We got up before the alarm and headed off in search of breakfast.  We found coffee which was a tad too milky for me and there were no sin gluten options so there was no food for me either.

Because we rose so early we left in the dark which is never great but we did find the markers easily enough.  We left town on small road so we didn’t have to worry about tripping hazards. Sadly as soon as the first grey of dawn appeared we could tell the dreaded mist was back. After ten minutes of walking we were searching for our coats… It was cold today.  Ten minutes later the drizzle started which quickly turned to rain.

Memories of yesterday’s fabulousness were fading fast.  I was wet and cold and hungry. We reached a forest and the road split… We choose to follow the original path but it soon became sticky underfoot. Did we make a bad choice or was this just day 13?

On we trudged, wet and cold and dodging cow poo.  One part of the track was particularly muddy.  I said “I really hope this is mud Ger” … To which he replied “I think we both know that’s not the case”

The one good thing about being cold and wet is that you do walk fast and in less than 2 hours later we were in Castro Verdes.  The rain was coming down so we went in search of coffee. There was a bar at the other end of town.  Their were road works and a man directing traffic with a big Stop/Go board.  As we waited to cross the road the chap turned his sign to stop.  He stopped a bus.  The bus said Lugo.  Gerry said “Coffee or bus?” I think we all know the answer to that one.

We hopped on and for 1.55 we headed off in the warm towards Lugo.  It continued to rain. We wandered around the roman walls. Looked inside the cathedral but decided we were both too cold to do more sight seeing and headed back to the plaza for coffee.  The heavens opened as we sat with our drinks.  We ended putting layers of coats and scarfs on, people watching whilst waiting for our hotel check in.


We’re in now… Tucked up under the covers trying to warm these old bones. Brrr that’s the coldest camino day in a long long time!

Song for today… Yesterday.. All my troubles seemed so far away! Everyday is different on the camino and 14 is our lucky number so I have high hopes for tomorrow! 

Ps for a short day we still walked over 15.6 km 😕



10 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. great news and I’ve a new password – all going optimistically well in spite of rain, feet, damp,
    cold, hard mattresses – well ,, pilgrims have to be optimistic … what else is a pilgrimage for?

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