Can someone tell me where we put June, July and August?  I must have mislaid them somewhere because I just don’t believe it’s September already?!

I’m as ready as I can be.  I weighed my rucksack and I’m down to 5.6kg!!!! But I have a confession.  There’s no towel and no sleeping bag and the first aid kit has been split between me and Mr Sims.  I could get used to this light pack!

We’re off tomorrow on our next adventure.  We’re driving down to Hendaye, a small French seaside town on the border with Spain.  We’ll park our car and walk across the border into Irun and go in search of our hotel… and then the day after we’ll start our first full day on the Camino Norte.  We don’t have time to do it all but we hope to cover close to 450 km.  No visit to Santiago this time but that’s ok… I get three glorious weeks walking with Gerry along some of the most beautiful coastline around.

I promise I’ll blog this time!  See you tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Tomorrow

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  2. Buen Camino! I’ve just finished the Madrid route and now in Astorga but stopping here. No Santiago for me either…

    Hope you have a great time.



  3. Looking forward to revisiting this camino with you Colleen. It is indeed besutiful. Look out for the various diversions from the true camino path that will take you nearer the coastline. Buen camino to you both!


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