Maggie and Le Puy

Maggie was in France!  That could only mean one thing… we had to go and find a camino adventure together 🙂  She flew in from Spain last week and we collected her from Bordeaux airport.  After a few days showing her the sights in my corner of the Dordogne (and my corner of the Vezeley camino) we set off in search of the Le Puy route.

We drove to Conques, spent the night and meandered our way around this fabulous old village.  We found the GR65 and followed the markers for a wee while before heading off to Figeac.  Again we meandered around the town and picked up the GR markers… and spent an hour or two pilgrim spotting over a plat du jour.

Onwards we went into Quercy and spent the night in Cahors.  More arrows, a fabulous cathedral and a rather nice coffee and croissant in the early Sunday morning sunshine.

We followed the trail to Lascabanes and on to Montcuq… which was full to bursting with their Sunday Market.  Finally we moved on to Lauzerte; both a fabulous Beaux Village de France and a stop on Le Puy… and the place that we’d agreed to meet up with one of Maggies friends from home.  He’s walking and started in Le Puy en Velay a few weeks ago and the lucky chap is walking on to St Jean and then on to Santiago… what an incredible adventure he’s having!


After a wander around that beautiful village we waved goodbye to the pilgrims, jumped in the car and drove home.  Maggie has moved on to Lisbon and life goes back to normal for me… see you next year pilgrim!

4 thoughts on “Maggie and Le Puy

    • It was bitter sweet… I love being around my pilgrim buddy… but it was so short and then she’s back to your side of the planet and I miss her ❤ xx

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