Blog… Wot Blog?

Ok so I have to admit I’ve been a bit remise on the blog front. I could make a list of excuses… But…well there are none really. I’ve just not felt that I had much to say 😀

The first few days from Burgos were a bit frantic… Lots and lots of pilgrims and albergues full to bursting with pilgrims sleeping on mattresses on the floor. The weather has changed for the better and with our mini bed race and the hot spring sun we both had a few blisters… and sun burn. Nothing terrible and we’ve been dealing with them without issue… But the first few days were not quite as expected.

I couldn’t get a WiFi signal or mobile signal somewhere just before Carrion and so I missed a blog… Carrion was full when we arrived so after walking around searching for a while we opted for a hotel and chilled in a bar so again no blogging.

The next day we tried to phone ahead to book but they were all completo… So we stopped short at Ledgios and grabbed the last two bunks in town.

And then we had a rethink.

We know we have to lose 2 stages as we only have 20 days. We think that maybe we were caught in a busy bubble… perhaps the terrible weather had created a little bottleneck? Anyway we decided to walk a short day to Sahagun and then take a train to Leon. We arrived on St George’s Day and Leon was in party mood… So we stayed and enjoyed the fun… And yep… No blog 😀

We walked out of Leon yesterday and we are staying off the main stages and whilst it’s very hot we are no longer in a big wave of pilgrims… So we can walk around 22km and feel confident that we’ll find a bed. We do seem to be walking with a group of around 20 German pilgrims. We wonder if they are part of a tour as about half don’t have packs and all the private albergues seem full… But we have a little room in the parochial albergue at Santibáñez de Valdeiglesias.. It’s a tad basic but it’s very clean and the shower was hot so we’re happy pilgrims.

We’re currently in the very nice bar opposite surrounded by German pilgrims and planning on a burger for dinner and maybe a few patatas bravas.

I am really enjoying my walk… I’m surprised by the numbers and the heat… The Camino Frances is feeling very familiar though and for that reason I know that next year I’ll take a new route… But life is good and this pilgrim isn’t complaining… I’ll let you know if the Camino glow is still as strong in a few days 😎

Ps WiFi and signal is still poor so I don’t think I’ll be able to load photos… I will as soon as I can get a good signal

PPS… I’ll try to be a better blogger in future 😁

7 thoughts on “Blog… Wot Blog?

  1. Oh glad to hear from you and that you are bothand enjoy the walk, well apart from a little on the pink side.
    As usual take care and stay safe.


  2. Thanks for checking in Colleen. It must be lovely having summery weather (ie no rain!). Glad you can relax now and enjoy walking without ‘bed rush’.
    We’re heading into winter so i’m very envious of your sunshine. Looking forward to a photo or two. Cheers, Grace


  3. Great photos as memories because I did the bits you are on now twice because of David and Tim separately – too many tourists for me and not enough pilgrims – but everyone in France wants to do it – they just don’t all get around to actually doing it – luckily, or there would be thousands on every etape. good luck with the blisters and bon camino.


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