A Different Perspective

Day 1 Burgos to Hornillos del Camino

Yesterday we arrived in Santo Domingo, dropped Jaqui at her albergue and we went in search of our parador… we parked the car… after getting stuck on the pedestrian entrance (don’t ask) and having decided to skip a wine tasting, Mr Sims partook of a little afternoon snooze.

After 40 winks and a cup of tea we went in search of the bus station and Jaqui… We found both.

I wanted to visit the cathedral but my two companions preferred the idea of a cold beer so we went in different directions with plans to meet later.

The first time I walked through Santo Domingo I felt peeved that I had to pay to get into the cathedral… today I got over that and purchased my ticket. I toured the interior, went down into the Crypt and up to see the chickens… I couldn’t remember if the legend says chickens eating was good or bad… But one was eating, one had disappeared and one was just looking around… So I figure I covered all bases and I’m going to make it to Santiago safely.

I like to wander and marvel at the history but I’m always shocked by the horrific imagery… paintings and sculptures of death and violence. It leaves me a little cold and I decided it was time to find the other two. As I was leaving I saw an exhibit with an ancient pilgrim shoe… It looked quite wide and I wondered how they coped on the blister front.

And so we drank and ate and ate and drank and then wandered awhile but by 8:30 we’d done. We agreed a meeting point for the morning and went our separate ways… an early night was needed as we had 20 kilometres to walk before bed tomorrow.

I woke before the alarm… Noisy birds outside… There are worse ways to wake up. Gerry slept beside me and I had a little tinge of guilt leaving him for 3 weeks… But I needed tea so I left him to snooze and took my pack into the bathroom to get ready. When I came out he was awake… So we both had tea. I taped my feet and finished packing and we had once last hug before I had to leave… I do love my lovely man… drive home safe and I’ll see you in three weeks.

And that was it. As I walked down the stairs in this magnificent building I transformed from tourist/wife/mother into pilgrim. I tightened my pack straps and headed off to find Jaqui.

Our plan has changed several times over the last few months… First I had 4 weeks and planned to start at Santo Domingo… Then I had three weeks and changed the start to Burgos. Then the Primitvo called and it was Oviedo… Then back to the Frances. But in the process I forgot the start was Burgos so booked for Santo Domingo… We couldn’t cancel so we decided instead to just get the bus.

We left town at 8.30 and arrived in Burgos an hour later. We had a quick look around and a cafe con leche before finding the first arrow at around 10:30.

What can I say… It’s a beautiful day. The sky is blue… Birds singing… Bees buzzing… The fields are emerald green… The distant mountain topped with white snow… It’s perfect.

We ambled along soaking in the views. We’re following arrows and new cycle route markers. I asked Jaqui why she thought they all said Portugal… She said I guess that’s where the bikes are going as it says France on the other side. Oh says I… I never looked! And of course that was my lesson for today… Things become so much clearer and make a lot more sense when you take a look from a different perspective… Haha… Gotta love the Camino!

So we arrived in Hornillos del Camino… Fabulous little albergue… Hot shower and a bottom bunk. Life is good for this pilgrim… Long may that continue!

We walked 21.7 km from the bus stop… Not bad considering the late start.

17 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

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  2. I think Gerry meant quiet and peaceful/tranquille.
    Lovely to get back en route if only by proxy.. Hornillos is where we got refused entry because the previous hostel stamp showed our stopping points and they had caught bedbugs from one of the previous ones so were accepting no-one who had that hostel stamp in their passport. My Spanish was just good enough to understand and to reply (the obvious only possible reply) “Well, if you’ve got bedbugs now from some previous pilgrims, we DON’T want to stay in your bedbug infested hostel !!!!! and marched off – luckily the next hostel was only a few km and gave us time to hide our passports until checking out the next day to get a new stamp.
    The cockerel behind the altar in Santa Domingo is to represent a famous miracle – a young boy seduced the squire’s daughter and as punishment was hung from a crossroads gallows to warn others. his parents walked to Santiago to pray for his soul. On their return, they saw the boy was still alive and rushed to the squire to ask for his life to be spared. The squire received them at table and said that the boy could not be alive after weeks on the gallows. ” If this cock on my plate stands up and crows, then you may cut down your son.” Naturally the cock obliged – (can’t have been that well-cooked ! ) – and the boy was pardoned and saved – to commemorate which miracle there is always a white cock in a cage BEHIND the altar. The other cocks and hens wandering round the church are the “pack” – the cock has to be exchanged every day for animal welfare reasons!!!!
    It may be a tarted-up version of the truth but it makes a good story – never let the truth stand in the way of a good yarn.!!!

    keep on trekking – great memories from the photos, too!!

    bill 2007 !!!!!!

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  3. Tugging at my soul Colleen. I would love someday to be back on the Frances. I hope you still have some energy (and time) to walk a little with me in France next month!πŸ˜€πŸŒπŸ‘£


  4. Welcome back on the camino
    Im in a group of 5 chicas started from Almeria with Magwood and co
    Travel well
    Buen camino


    • Gwen I am following your progress and whilst not wishing away my lovely walk I am a little envious of your adventure πŸ˜€ being Camino to one and all xxx


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