It’s a Tad Chilly… and very busy!

Day 2 Orrison to Roncesvalles

So I’m walking with two mountain goats… and I’m a tortoise!

We slept well and managed to stay warm and toasty.  Only one crazy person left before 6.00am so it was actually a good sleep.  We were last into breakfast before setting off up the mountain at around 8:30.

I sent the two goats ahead… I’m just slow up the hills and it would be crazy to try and keep pace with the girls… so I ambled along taking in the views.

It’s dry and clear and again I can see for miles.  I think back to the last time I walked here with Maggie… then it was foggy and damp.  Today it was cold and the wind whistled around my ears… it even blew my scarf off and sent me chasing back down the road after it.  At times it blew me sideways and backwards… crikey it was blowy… and bitterly cold.

I met up with the girls at a little coffee van half way up… coffee, banana and a hard boiled egg.  But it was too cold to dally so on we walked.  Again they went ahead but as the path levelled out a little later I soon caught them.  We stopped on a little group of rocks for lunch… looking out across these wonderful mountains.  And again the cold and the wind urged us on.  

We had reached the highest point.  Last time this was covered in snow… not a trace today though.  Just that darn wind!

Onwards down into the forest.  A very steep descent with knees moaning and toes pushed hard against the end of my shoes.

We’d made good time… it was just short of 1.30 when we arrived… so early that the bedrooms weren’t even open… nor the loos!  There was though a big queue… so we tagged on the end and waited our turn to be given our bed number.

We’ve all showered, sent our clothes to the laundry, enjoyed a cold beer and we’re now chilling on our beds waiting for 19:00 when we can go and eat!

I have a feeling I’m going to sleep well again tonight… and I remember the steep up and down to Zubiri is ahead… and we have a weather warning tomorrow… more wind with a touch of rain… someone remind me why I do this!

11 thoughts on “It’s a Tad Chilly… and very busy!

  1. great photos .. i will follow you – good start for you so i hope it continues so …. this early part is the part i remember best – apart from the altitude gains and losses – especially down the gravel slip sliding to zuburi and the friendly little caravan stop on the top plateau. good luck and keeeeep walking.


  2. Oh I’m so green with envy and filled with treasured memories of our funny adventures across the Pyrenees. Reading your posts avidly and so wishing I was back on the Camino… year for me. Rug up luv💜💜😀😀👣👣

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