28. Not Quite So Sick

I asked Google for a short poem about boredom… this is what I got…

A poem a day
Keeps the
Boredom away

I’m bored now and I’m fed up.  I want to get back on the trail.

Yesterday we spent several loooong hours in the bar in El Cubo waiting for the albergue to open and just passing time in the warm.  We were so bored we actually started watching and getting caught up with the Swedish film/soap (dubbed into Spanish).  We had no idea what was going on so we made up our own version.  Sad pilgrims that we are, we were genuinely a tiny bit gutted when the lovely Brenden arrived and entertained us for a few hours… we will never know what happened to our heroine… was she actually pregnant? Did she stick with the rogue or go with the handsome doctor? Did her father mellow and fall for the yoga loving free spirit that lived next door to him?  Sadly we will never know.

Our albergue was lovely, as was our hostess…Albergue FyM.  The Koreans were there, Brenden and a German guy who cycles the Alps for fun (iron man!) And a new (tall dark handsome) guy from Brazil.

We all shared a communal dinner in Mercedes home… she made me vegetable soup… I was apprehensive about eating it but I do think it did me good.

I felt really off colour most of yesterday… literally green around the gills and everso slightly yellow around the eyes… true Aussie colours.  I think I’ve allowed myself to get dehydrated as well as sick… if I don’t eat or drink I can’t be sick.. right?  With hindsight I don’t think this policy actually helped. So I ate soup and bread, drank plenty of water and a can of Aquarius.  I slept well… and I wasn’t sick.  Which is a positive sign that perhaps means we’ve broken the back of my gastro … and my colour has returned to normal… whatever that is.

We moved on to Zamora… and we’ll hopefully be walking out tomorrow or the next day.  I can’t wait.  Being sick on the camino is no fun.  I should have been a little less blasé about it from the start… I think I might have been on the mend a little sooner… but we live and learn.

I posted on a camino forum yesterday asking for suggestions and a very kind aussie doctor sent me loads of great advice… more camino kindness from strangers who just go out of their way to help.

We have a bed in the municipal albergue tonight… it seems like there are just three in our little dorm… we think its a mystery lady, who must be out exploring.

We had a little meander around the town and the museum, castle walls and cathedral.  I’m finding it hard to be enthused about much… Zamora is nice but I want to leave and walk… walk out of the city and far away.

I’ve eaten toast and a little potato (and no.. they weren’t chips) and a banana… I feel a bit weary but I don’t feel ill anymore.  Fingers crossed the next time we chat I’ll be walking again  (St James. .. please… if you’re listening… please 🙂 )

Ps our mystery lady is actually the rather dashing Brazilian from yesterday who has been entertaining us with witty tales for the last hour… so he’s clever, witty, tri – lingual,  tall, dark and handsome… but can he grow rhubarb, figs and tomatoes like my lovely hubby 🙂

4 thoughts on “28. Not Quite So Sick

  1. Hi Colleen

    I am ‘Levi’ from the forum and I’m just a couple of walks ahead of you (Granja de moreruela just now). Just to warn you that the albergue in montamarta had some little non-pilgrim guests – bed-bugs. I made a quick departure to a Casa Rural…

    Hope you recover soon


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  2. A post-script for your piggy porn — hope it makes you laugh to cheer you over the still-sick period:

    A little ditty for Colleen: To the tune of “Mary had a little lamb”:

    Colleen had a little pig,
    She kept it in a bucket,
    ‘Cos every time she let it out,
    Her bulldog tried to kiss it.

    Boom! Boom!

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  3. Colleen, you GO girl! It sounds like you are definitely on the mend. A lovely walk will get your mojo back. Sending a hug for you both. Cheers from NZ, Grace

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