25. Sick

Service is temporarily suspended due to a particularly nasty tummy bug.

I felt cold and nauseous yesterday afternoon.  By 5:30 I’d gone very pale and had to excuse myself from the group.  I went to bed and through the night got more sick… which is far from ideal in a shared dorm with one bathroom.
I spent a fair amount of time laying on the floor in the bathroom as it saved me going to and fro my bed every time I felt sick… you get the idea.

Hilda was also at the albergue and also sick.  She told us that one of the Bordeaux guys was sick, one of the Italians and poor Anamika.

The hosperdario said that we should get a bus to Salamanca as tonight’s stage has nothing… no shop… no pharmacy… no doctor.  They felt it was best we go somewhere bigger just in case.  The priest drove the sick crew to the bus stop and got us on the right bus… and my dear support team at home booked a room.

I’ve showered and I’m now tucked up in bed hoping that whatever this is will pass as soon as possible so that we can resume walking again.

It’s all part of the great camino experience I suppose.

8 thoughts on “25. Sick

  1. hope you get over it quickly – looks like a bug which spreads or food poisoning! Bad luck!
    To cheer you up a limerick – which i wrote for my wife a couple of years ago when she had a bug (severe for a few days)

    There was a young girl called Maria
    Who had a bad dose of diarrhea
    She slept all night
    and said I was right
    It was soon over, thanks mama mia.

    PS you find two rhymes for Maria, then,so,eh !!!

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  2. Oh no! A pilgrim’s nightmare. At least you are now safe and sound in a private room with bathroom close by. I’m sure you’ll be on the mend quickly. Enjoy Salamanca when you’re up and about. A perfect place to recuperate. All the best, Grace

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  3. ah you poor thing. I too have been help up in Salamanca with that dreaded bug. One of the Eds, James and Shane also had the bug so it looks like it is going through the pilgrims!!!!! Get well soon, we are all thinking of you – Marion, aka EDwina

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    • Hello… so great to hear from you. Are you still in town or moved on? So sorry to hear about you all… clearly a miserable bug indeed!


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