Les Monts du Cantal

We’ve got a few days off from work and singing and weddings and accounts… so we’ve headed east into the Cantal region of France.  A department in Auverne, this area is perfect for walking, cycling, swimming, rafting and a whole host of outdoor activities.  We thought it might be a tad cooler too but we were wrong there!

So we arrived on Sunday afternoon and took a stroll into the historic village of Salers.  This is classed as one of the most beautiful villages in France… and it is indeed very beau but we’ve not found out yet why there was a need for a fortified village here 1000 years ago… but there are traces of Templars?

We took a short walk around the village, found the tourist information and a rather fabulous cake shop… before heading back to the camper and dinner.

Today we intended to leave early but… well… we didn’t and we paid for that as the sun grew hotter and hotter.

The plan was that we follow a route called Anjoigny, starting from a little town called Saint Cernin.  This was a 14km walk but classed a difficult with 400m elevations… sounds ideal!  However, there was a little confusion at the start of the walk as the instructions suggest we follow the signs to Tournemire… but there were two signs… one for the road and one for walking… so of course, we chose the walking option and this was our first major error.

We walked up and up and through the woods and on across meadows and past cornfields.  We seemed to be able to follow the route but where we anticipated something being maybe 1km away it ended up being 4km?  We stopped for lunch and tried to figure out where we were… but we couldn’t.  So we munched on ham rolls, boiled eggs and shared some walnuts and a banana before putting our boots back on and starting off again.

At some point here we lost our GPS tracker, only tracking our steps rather than guiding us.. but it means we dont have stats of our entire walk.

My new boots started to hurt, they just don’t fit well and I dont know why?  I also don’t like my new Wright Socks… they were quite damp when I stopped for lunch so I am going back to my Drymax socks for Spain.

So we walked up and up through the forest… loving the shade and cooler air!  We ended up running through a couple of bees/wasps nests… we never stopped to check, we just heard the buzzing saw loads of bees and ran… and then just as we thought it was safe there was another one… I’ve not run in a while but I managed without problem today… and so did Gerry!

What goes up must come down, and so we made our way down steeply from the forest, totally confused as to our location and my feet were really hurting.  At the bottom we stopped.  There was a chateau… which our details said we should see.  But we should have seen it at least an hour earlier?  We were confused!  We saw a road sign pointing in the direction of our start point so we decided to take it.  And I decided to change from boots to Teva’s.  This is when we discovered the GPS had stopped.  So Teva’s on and GPS running again we headed back to Saint Cernin.  It was a long 5km trek but I was sooo happy to see our little camper sat waiting for us!

Cold beers all round!  I’m hating my boots right now, loving my new pack and my UV umbrella… and all in all had a good day 😀

p.s. Gerry found cake and ice cream so he’s happy too!

3 thoughts on “Les Monts du Cantal

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ‘like’ that you hate your boots or that they hurt you! Could you walk the Via in your Teva sandals? With socks, without socks … with neoprene bike shoe covers if it gets cold? I have just got some because so very few shoes fit my arches and PF flare-ups, so I thought maybe keeping the sandal I know works and adding a layer to them when needed might work. I hope you find your perfect combo. Also good to hear that the pack works for you, that is half the battle!


    • I’m seriously thinking of walking in the Teva sandals. Going on another long hike tomorrow and I’ll give it a go… Pack does feel better than the talon for sure 🙂

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