I Could Cry…

Just leaving for another gig when my new Salomon’s arrived… LOVE them… LOVE the colour… but crikey there is a marked difference in the width of these and my old pair.


I need to go and sing and forget all about my Sponge Bob feet!

EDIT… move forward a few days and my Keen Targhee wide fit mid’s arrived.  I didn’t really want a mid boot but they are a wide fit and they feel good.. not too big… not too small.  Of course the proof of the pudding is in the walking!



3 thoughts on “I Could Cry…

  1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that! Were they exactly the same model? Generally the Salomons fit my foot extremely well. However, it is critical where the seam falls across the forefoot, particularly on my right foot, when I walk any distance in them. I have had to reject some Salomons for that reason. Can you remove the inner sole, or go up a size and fill the space with a new inner sole?

    I have just acquired the X Ultra 2, not waterproof, and it seems to be good for me.


    • you know there were exactly the same model that I wore last year… the X Ultra 2. I dropped 1 eu size (1/2 uk size) as my feet have shrunk from losing weight?! They are .5cm shorter and 1cm smaller around. As soon as I took the shoe out of the box I thought they looked narrower… much more so in the toe box. Placing the 2 shoes side by side you could really notice the difference.

      I would have taken a photo but my lovely husband repackaged them all and they are being returned… which is at least a blessing!

      I’ve ordered another pair of the wide fit Taghee from Keen… I really hope I’ve got the right size now 🙂

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