The Chosen Ones

After a week of walking and trials and tests and much concern and research and reading and worry… I’ve decided on which shoes will be coming with me to Spain.

I’ve considered buying another Keen Targhee, Hanwag’s, Altra’s, Brooks and New Balance.  I’ve read reviews on Amazon and blogs, and Outdoor Gear Lab and countless websites.  I’ve downloaded apps and templates and measured and checked and watched videos and pondered and considered and basically got my head spinning with too much information.


I went to bed last night and just thought… I walked 2 caminos in Salomon X Ultra GTX shoes.  They rescued my camino in 2014 and got me to Santiago, they were great in 2015 and the dreaded toe blisters never returned.  So why oh why do I want to change them?

My feet have shrunk for sure, but why dont I simply buy a size down of the same shoe that has served me well for 2 years?  Simple!

And for my second shoe… Tevas Tevas Tevas

I slept better last night having made this choice… and I enjoyed my walk this morning all the more, knowing that I had one less choice to make!

2 thoughts on “The Chosen Ones

  1. I have worn lightweight Salomon boots for all my Caminos, and either those boots or Salomon shoes for all walking at home. I need both new boots and shoes, so I’ve been looking around, thinking I should keep an open mind to all brands. However, I have concluded that Salmon is simply the best for my foot. It still seems boring to go into a store and buy exactly the same shoe as you walked in with, but as you know, this is a very serious matter! I think you have made a good decision.

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    • I don’t know why I spent so long deciding really. I think I was drawn to the idea of a truly wide fit shoe… But the mid was always a bit of a compromise for me… Albeit a very comfy compromise. But my feet are smaller and so salomons it is 🙂


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