I suppose I ought to start training?

It’s May and, after a bit of a cold start, spring has finally arrived in the Dordogne.  I have 18 weeks left before I start my next adventure so today felt like a good day to start some training. To be honest it’s been a while since I did any walking at all .. And I have new boots to break in… So we’re starting small and working up to our longer trips.

The first time I walked the Camino Francis I had an interesting training regime;  I found a great way to start the day was to walk to the Boulangerie in the next village.  It’s only a 5 km round trip, it’s very pretty, it’s on a quiet lane and I get to buy warm fresh bread from one of the best bakers for miles… What’s not to like?

Gerry is keen to get training too so we set off together for our first training walk.


It’s not yellow but it brings back Camino memories nonetheless

My new Keen boots seem OK.  They are a wide fit and to be honest they feel almost too comfortable.  I really need to do a long walk in them to know for sure, I do not want any blisters on this Camino.  I also need to get used to walking in a mid boot rather than the Salomon shoe I had before… But for a first walk out they did rather well and I’m happy.

Our walk takes us across the valley, over the Vern and through the buttercup full meadows.  The cows seemed a bit put out that we bothered them this early in the day but apart from this the walk was uneventful… Which I hasten to add is a good thing!

We both have a really busy week now so no more walking until next week but we/I must start in earnest as the next 18 weeks are going to fly past!

4 thoughts on “I suppose I ought to start training?

        • I think that’s pretty good. When I walked first I did the bread run a few times a week and maybe 8 weeks before I started doing longer walks once or twice a week. I never actually walked 20km until I started the Camino though. I’ll confess the second time I did no training… I Got out the car and walked over the Pyrenees… I really don’t recommend that though 🙂


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