They Picked Me!

Last year Maggie (my lovely Aussie friend) and myself walked through snow, ice, rain, sleet, fog and bitter bitter cold wind from Orisson to Roncesvalles.


Regardelss of the weather I still managed to take lots of photos of the amazing scenery.

As we reached the highest point of the climb there was a little shelter, to keep folks safe if the weather turned really bad.  The fog had lifted and we could see far away into the distance and I shouted back to Maggie “Look back and see how far we’ve come”  Indeed, this has become a little bit of a mantra for me in life on and off the camino!

Anyway I took a photo at that time and it was a photo that we both loved.  Back home Maggie entered the photo into a competition; organised by a national travel agent for inclusion in their 2016 calendar.  Guess what?  We won… or out of 1000’s of entries we were selected!



One thought on “They Picked Me!

  1. What a great life lesson learned on the Camino. We finished our CF in October and I can’t get enough of reading others’ blogs, journals and looking at photos. This photo deserves the accolades its achieved. We are now planning our Portuguese route. If you are interested in our this year’s adventure, start here: I am really enjoying reading yours.

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