No Room at the Inn?

Last night we stayed in the fabulous Roncesvalles monastery albergue.   This place must house 300 pilgrims…maybe more like 400.   They have a laundry room where for 2.70 euros they do all your washing and deliver it still warm to your bed.  There is a huge catering style kitchen and a bank of self service machines with ready meals and snacks and drinks.   There is a rather plush wifi room but sadly wifi yesterday was on the blink.  And you have little cubicles of 2 or 4 with very comfy beds and super bathrooms.   It is a 5 star albergue!

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You are what you eat!

I didn’t sleep well again last night.  I was really tired but restless.   I shared a room with 11 others including Hogni and five french ladies travelling together in a group.   They are all lovely but they kind of exploded their gear  everwhere and also closed all the windows and turned the heating up. I was hot and needed to go to the loo, but in the darkness I was afraid I would trip over all their stuff. So I lay there trying to convince myself I could sleep.

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